Why is the phone heating up? How to cool?

How to cool your phone Using a smartphone in everyday life, the owner may notice that the device heats up periodically. A slight increase in temperature is normal during operation, but if the device starts to burn your hands, then this is a clear sign of a malfunction or operation. Some of the reasons for the overheating of the device may be incorrect user actions or malfunctions.

Heavy load and overload of the device

The multitasking device allows you to perform several tasks at the same time. Using the Internet, playing games, playing videos puts a strain on the processor, which heats up during intense work.

  • Application disruptions.

If any program contains an error in the code, then the device tries to bypass it or perform some action. Due to an incorrect command, the action cannot be completed and the operation is repeated again. This puts a significant load on the processor and degrades the performance of the smartphone.

  • Impact of third-party factors.

Exposure to direct sunlight, using a protective case, or storing in a pocket may interfere with heat generation and the device may become very hot. This happens when several factors arise at once.

  • Poor charger or high amperage charging.

Connecting to power with a broken cable or non-original adapter may cause the battery to heat up during charging or during data transfer. It can also cause rapid battery wear.

  • System errors.

Programs and the operating system itself can contain erroneous data and be a source of overload, besides, unnecessary garbage, such as program traces or cookies, remains in the process.

  • Physical impairment.

A factory defect in some part or damage to the device may cause malfunctions. In this case, most often the broken component heats up.

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How to avoid overheating?

There are a few simple rules to follow to improve performance and extend the life of your device.

Disable the Internet, GPS, if possible, do not drag out game sessions and view fewer files online. This will significantly reduce the load on the processor.

Remove all unnecessary applications. If the smartphone overheats when using any program, then it is necessary to eliminate, reinstall or update the application version.

Exclude direct sunlight on the device, do not restrict heat exchange when performing background processes, remove the smartphone from the case whenever possible. It is also not recommended to store the device in places of high temperature, for example, on a windowsill in winter.

Purchase an original charger, do not use the device when connected to the power supply. Replace the cable if the smartphone gets warm during data transfer.

Reboot the device periodically and update the operating system in a timely manner. If the problem is hidden in the firmware, then you can reset the phone settings after saving important information.

Contact a specialist. If the device has physical violations of the hardware, then you can take the device to a communication salon, if the warranty period has not expired, or to a service center for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Most often, heating occurs in several places:

  • Processor – when performing complex tasks or heavy workload.
  • Graphics Card – Play high quality video or run high graphics, 3D applications.
  • Battery – while the device is charging.

Cooling your smartphone:

  • To reduce the temperature of the device, you must close all applications, delete notifications.
  • Free the smartphone from the protective case and place in a cool place (not in the refrigerator!)
  • Delete application cache. Saved data can significantly load the processor during program startup.

You can monitor the temperature of the gadget through the application, which displays the technical characteristics of the device.

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The application is equipped with a convenient widget that can be displayed on the desktop and display the necessary information. In addition, the program allows you to determine the technical characteristics and authenticity of the device.

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The application allows you to quickly determine the temperature of the device and close unnecessary programs with one touch.

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Among the huge selection of programs in the store, you can choose exactly the option that suits your particular case. Most of them read data from the battery and processor sensors, displaying it in a convenient way.

It is important to know that hypothermia of the device also has negative consequences. When the temperature drops, the device turns off even with a charged battery. The battery built into the smartphone reacts to extreme changes in the environment and quickly becomes unusable when the degrees rise and fall.

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