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Photoshop for phone In December 2019. Adobe presented its new development – Photoshop specifically for smartphones based on Android. So far only Android version 9.0 and higher is supported. During the month, the application was downloaded more than 2 million times and left more than 1 million positive reviews. So, what is good about Adobe Photoshop, let's figure it out in this article.

Basically, it is a “smart” photo editor that allows you to edit your pictures and apply many professional effects and filters to them automatically. At the same time, no special knowledge in editing graphics is required from the user.

Key features of PS Express:

  • More than 60 professional filters and many built-in functions for manual refinement of these filters.
  • Using overlay effects and unusual textures.
  • Eliminate haze, or fog, in photographs.
  • Reduce luminance noise and remove graininess in the photo.
  • Various text styles – captions for pictures.
  • Correct distorted images to the correct shape.
  • Apply blur in different places in the photo.
  • Use a split background to change the tints of highlights and shadows in photos.
  • Creating collages from ready-made photos – only your imagination is involved here.

After installation, launch the application.

PS Express launch

You need a Google account, Facebook or Adobe ID to sign in to the app.

Registering with PS Express

We give the program permission to store files on the phone. Done.

For work, we select any photo and edit it using various tools and ready-made filters.

Filters in PS Express

Available buttons in the upper menu of the program:

  • Step back.
  • Step forward.
  • “Magic wand”. A very cool intelligent tool The program itself analyzes all objects in the photo and applies various filters to them. This is what happened to my ship after applying this function. Agree, the photo is much better. Magic Wand Filters in Photoshop
  • Return the photo to its original state.
  • Export – share photo via whatsApp, facebook, gmail, instagram and other ways. Or upload to the cloud. Here you also write the resolution of the photo in pixels and what quality to use when importing a photo. The default is 85%, which does not visually degrade the image in the picture.

Export photos to Photoshop

Available functions in the lower menu of the program:

  • Filter sets: charm, white balance, black and white, portrait, nature, splash, dual background.
  • Blending effects: smudges, bokeh, dirt, raindrops, paper, space, watercolor. All of them create simply unreal photos! See for yourself. Overlay effect
  • Cropping. Setting the aspect ratio, you can rotate the photo vertically or horizontally, straighten it, adjust the tilt vertically or horizontally. Cropping
  • Sharpness adjustment, split background and blur, vignette. Must have Amateur Photo Editor Kit. Blur effect
  • Remove defects. Tap the desired area of ​​the photo to remove the defect. For greater accuracy, I recommend increasing the scale. The effect of cutting, blurring or filling the area with pixels of similar color will be applied (like the Ad-Aware effect in regular photoshop). Elimination of defects
  • Red eye and flare. Just tap the red eye on the photo and the effect will be applied. Also tap the blown eyes to apply the effect.
  • Text. You can add text and memes to your photos using predefined styles, or you can customize your style. The choice is simply huge. Text Effect on Photo
  • Stickers. Just pick a cool sticker and transfer it to your photo. You can change the scale and rotation of the stickers. Photo stickers
  • Borders – make beautiful frames for your photos. Huge set of different border styles. Photo borders

Collage creation. Choose the pictures you want and make a collage. We have several ready-made templates available, for example, for posting an Facebook or Youtube, or a post in Twitter, various aspect ratios and much more.

Collage making

Let's summarize. The program is wonderful, the possibilities are huge for every taste. Suitable even for an inexperienced user. I use the capabilities of this application to process photos before posting to Instagram (in this regard, the capabilities of PS Express are much wider). This makes my photos look like they've been professionally processed.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo & Collage Editor Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo & Collage Editor Download QR-Code Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo & Collage Editor Developer: Adobe Price: Free

Life hack. When exporting a photo, the program offers to install Photoshop on your computer for free (for a trial period). Just follow the link from the app to download the program.

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