Review of budget smartphones Samsung Galaxy J series 2017

Galaxy J3Samsung is known for the fact that instead of inventing new names for its mobile devices, it simply takes and updates them in whole series every year. There are in their assortment not only ultra-fashionable and super-powerful flagship smartphones, which have been trying to get the upper hand over Apple for several years, but they will not bring something started to its logical conclusion. Go to any of the stores of the 'Hello' network and there you can easily find inexpensive Samsung smartphones of the J series. We will tell about them in this review.

Pros and cons of Galaxy J3

Samsung J3 2017 is the cheapest and most unassuming smartphone that the Korean company has released this year. The main advantage of this model is its price, which can even compete with Chinese state employees. Has a plastic case with a metal rim for better protection against mechanical damage. The design of the mobile can be called standard for smartphones of this manufacturer: a thin body with smooth lines, and an expressive Home button complements the composition. Mobile runs on OS Android 7, which is currently the most stable of this family. In addition, the smartphone uses a special version adapted for Samsung – the same as on the flagship models.

The strong points of this smartphone are the main and front high-definition cameras, which allow you to take great pictures and shoot videos. Due to the excellent balance of software and technical load, the phone has a long working resource, even despite the modest 2400 mAh battery. The battery could have been larger, but it was specially reduced for the sake of a thin case. And most importantly, this is a full-fledged Duos smartphone: you have slots for two SIM cards and a separate slot for an additional memory card.

This device also has a minus: it will not be able to play “heavy” mobile games. Immediately, the imperfections of the screen will become noticeable, and the processor will noticeably slow down the game process. But these shortcomings cannot be called significant, because such tasks are not set for a budget smartphone. Pros and cons of Galaxy J3

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What is the difference between J5 and J7

Samsung J5 and J7 2017 are the remaining models of this series, which differ from J3 in more advanced technical content. In fact, both smartphones have the same advantages as the J3, and outwardly they differ from it only in their large dimensions. The Korean manufacturer has remained faithful to its traditions, and the larger the number in the name of the smartphone, the larger its display diagonal, more powerful processor and more internal memory.

Models J5 and J7 differ from their most budgetary version J3 with better quality of the photo and video taken, as well as more advanced displays. You can also note the better sound quality, which can be adjusted for headphones using the pre-installed equalizer program.

Naturally, you will have to pay extra for these improvements, whether it is worth it or not – decide for yourself. But be warned that although the J5 and J7 are faster than the J3, they still can't cope with the coolest games for mobile devices. These are budget smartphones, not a game console.

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