The program for cutting music to Android

Android Many users of the Android operating shell, after buying a phone, immediately want to change the standard ringtone. This is very easy to do, especially in the latest iterations of the platform. However, if you use the full version of a musical composition, it loads up the memory and RAM in the device. In addition, one often wants to hear a small piece of a piece of music and not the whole part of it. In the presented article, the application for trimming music on Android will be considered in detail.

Music trimming methods

There are several ways to get a segment out of a composition. Let's consider each of them in detail:

  1. The first is to use the computer program mp3DirectCut. Link to the official resource. This is one of the best programs of this kind, it is extremely simple to use it, just install the utility, load the track, select the required time interval and click the scissors icon.

    Mp3DirectCut program

  2. The second way when using the program to cut music to Android. There are many such utilities, the 2 most common are RingDroid and RingtoneMaker.

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How to crop a composition

Let's look at how to trim a song on Android using RingDroid:

  1. You need to download and install the program.
  2. A window with several sliders will appear.

    RingDroid program

  3. By moving the right and left sliders, it will be possible to achieve, respectively, the beginning (the left slider is responsible for this) and the end of the composition (the right slider is responsible for this).
  4. You can also specify start and end values ​​using numeric values.

    Entering start and end using numeric values

    They are located at the bottom, if you click on this column, a number block will appear. The time bar is displayed in the main utility window.

  5. After the manipulations have been completed and the required segment is selected, you need to click on the icon with the image of a floppy disk, it is located on the top panel.

    Saving an audio segment

  6. A notification will pop up where you need to set the name of the song and where it will be set as a ringtone. It can be a call, notification, alarm, or something else.

    Entering the name of the song

  7. After pressing the 'Save' button, the segment will be saved as the selected option.

The above utility is one of the simplest and most functional among all those offered in the Google store. The control panel in it is simplified to the limit, in fact, the user only needs to deal with the line of time intervals.

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The program for cutting music on Android: Video

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