Hello Pal – communication without borders

Hello Pal app Who owns information – owns the world! Despite the fact that the founders of the Rothschild dynasty came up with this catch phrase at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is today that it has become more relevant than ever. New from Hello Pal – a free smartphone application based on Android and iOS – will allow you to master a new foreign language and overcome the last of the barriers between interlocutors around the world – language.


It will not be difficult to understand how to work with the application, since the main part of the program is chat. In it you can find a companion in English, French, Italian and Spanish, Dutch, Finnish and German, Polish, Hindi or Yiddish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Armenian, Japanese, Greek … even Esperanto J.

You don't need to know the language: conversations with a native speaker will make Hello Pal available to you – the phrasebook will become your assistant, translator and teacher.

To get started, just install the app on your mobile device. You can download the program absolutely free of charge here.

To register, select your location to determine the number of social networks available. If at least one of them has your account, log in through it. Or enter your email address.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

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Filling out the profile

How to find an interesting interlocutor who is suitable for you by age and interests? To do this, you must correctly fill out your profile, correctly indicating information about yourself: personal data (name, age, gender), country of origin. List which languages ​​you speak and which you would like to learn. The more accurately you tell about yourself, the higher the likelihood of finding an acquaintance. Upload your photo to complete the picture. By clicking on the 'Create an account' button, we complete the registration process.

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Confirmation of registration

After all the manipulations, an email should come to your email containing a confirmation link. Just open the letter and click on the big green button.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

After that, you will have access to options such as sending an unlimited number of messages and images.

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From scratch to real-time conversation

Learning a new language is easy, as you now have the opportunity to search for native speakers and chat with them, mastering colloquial vocabulary and honing pronunciation.

At the same time – an essential point – you will not be disturbed by ad units or foreign links.

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We are looking for an interlocutor

You can find a communication partner by sorting the search results by the following parameters:

  • floor;
  • native language;
  • learning language;
  • a country;
  • location;
  • age.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

To select an interlocutor, click on the icon of his chat of the person you selected in the list that appears. You can also use social networks or just enter your username in the search bar.

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Text messages

You can start communication with zero knowledge. The app contains a built-in translator, so you can enter a message in your native language. Even if you are not going to conquer the heights of Chinese or Japanese, it will certainly not be difficult to exchange information with friends in the East. In the chat window, select the 'Text messages' mode – it corresponds to the keyboard icon.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

Enter the desired phrase in the text box. To translate it, click on the translation button and select the required language in the field that opens. The message is now ready to be sent. We click on the airplane – and your interlocutor will receive a letter in two languages ​​at once.

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Is the phrase clumsy? For cases where literal translation is inappropriate, there are special phrasebooks containing the main stable phrases and phrases.

To start working with the phrasebook, select the book icon in the chat menu. Choose your language, category and theme. Find a suitable phrase in the topic.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

In the window that opens, you will see how the phrase is written in a foreign language, how it sounds (for some languages ​​there is transliteration in Latin), as well as its literal translation. Now you can save it to your favorites (star symbol), or listen to it at a slow or fast pace.

Thus, you will not only mechanically memorize phrases, you will be able to figure out how they are constructed.

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Voice messages

Writing is good, but speaking is even better. Instead of exchanging text messages, you can send audio recordings to each other. To do this, go to the voice message mode – click the icon with the microphone. In the text box, type the text in your native language. The program can translate and read the typed text. After that, you just have to repeat it by clicking on the record button.

Hello Pal - communication without borders

You can listen to what happened. If the result satisfies you, you can safely send a sound recording to your interlocutor.

In addition, the application allows you to establish audio and video communication with the subscriber, so you can practice in real communication.

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