Contrary to punctures: Google Pixel is selling better

The Google Pixel has always evoked somewhat ambiguous feelings. The first generation looked downright weird. The second is better, but still with flaws. In the third, the bangs looked more like a parody, and in the fourth, the battery did not work, leaving the owner with a minimum of autonomy. Probably the best model to date is the Google Pixel 3a. So everyone is waiting for the Pixel 4a to come out. Despite these failures, the search giant's smartphone is still selling better and better. What is this being done if each new model evokes such a wave of criticism? It is difficult to answer, but the device sets new records. What is it this time?

Contrary to punctures: Google Pixel is selling better

Google Pixel breaks sales records, but only its own.

How much does Google Pixel sell

The Google Pixel 4 was indeed far from being a success, according to some recent reports, but that hasn't taken away the momentum from Google that has led to even more lineup expansion. The latest IDC data brings us new insights into which the Google Pixel line is showing its best-selling 2019 ever. The figure cannot be called fantastic against the background of what is shown by Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi, but the company has released its 7.2 million smartphones.

A report from last month showed that the Google Pixel 4 managed to sell close to 2 million devices in just 6 months, with most of those sales coming in 2020. How, then, did the company manage to sell so many smartphones in 2019? Especially considering that the “four” appeared towards the end of the year.

The answer is quite simple and I have already hinted at it just above. Most likely, these are sales of the Google Pixel 3a, which looked very good, sank nicely in the hand, took gorgeous photos and at the same time cost very humane money compared to the older brother of the Google Pixel 3 – only 399 dollars. It really was very inexpensive for that phone.

Contrary to punctures: Google Pixel is selling better

This smartphone seems to be the best selling smartphone on Google.

Google itself said that this smartphone sold well at the beginning of this year. In 2019, Google Pixel 3a sales grew from quarter to quarter. Sometimes he even managed to double his sales.

Smartphone sales statistics

If you don't follow the analytics and economics of the smartphone market too closely, then 7.2 million may seem like a lot to you and it really is a lot. But if you look not in absolute terms, but in relative terms, then this figure simply pales against the background of competitors. Although they cannot be called competitors after this. For example, OPPO, which is only the fifth largest in the world in terms of sales, shipped over 114 million smartphones in 2019. And even if she has a much wider model range, the difference is simply colossal.

Of the famous brands that are constantly on the rumor, Google Pixel was only able to get ahead of OnePlus. As you can see, Google still has a lot to strive for and something to think about.

Interestingly, the best sales of smartphones of the search giant, apart from the United States, were shown in Western Europe and Japan – markets where they traditionally sell very well iPhone. Is it a coincidence or is Google Pixel called “iPhone to Android” for a reason? Probably not in vain I recommended it as one of the alternatives when switching from iPhone to Android – smartphones.

Contrary to punctures: Google Pixel is selling better

There are many smartphones on Android, but choosing is not always easy.

Why the Google Pixel is bad

Despite the shocks in the production of the Google Pixel, which two top members of the development team have already paid for, the Google Pixel has other problems as well. Perhaps now another problem will become more, since the famous high-quality cameras for that smartphone were made by one of those fired employees of the Pixel team.

Dismissals or strange independent leaving of two people at once does not mean that everything is fine in the team. Most likely, something is wrong inside and this affected the quality of the product. Because of this, the company's management decided to take up personnel changes.

Another major problem with the Google Pixel is its price, especially against the backdrop of those very technical problems, such as poor battery life, which many people lack for the rest of the day. It is possible that this year, against the background of a general increase in prices for flagships, the company could increase sales. To do this, it would be necessary, at least, to release a smartphone no worse than last year (solving problems with the battery) and keep the price of last year. In this case, sales would start to grow, but the company chose a different approach.

There is little doubt that the Google Pixel 5 will not run on the top-end Snapdragon 865. Most likely, it will receive the Snapdragon 76 5G. This will not only save money on the filling of the device, due to which it will be possible to keep the price, but will also give one more advantage.

Contrary to punctures: Google Pixel is selling better

Google Pixel 5 can be anything. For example, like this.

The new Snapdragon 865 does not have a built-in modem 5G, which must be installed separately and take up space in the case. The slightly less productive 76 5G has a built-in modem. Such a chipset is much easier to install in a smartphone, it takes up less space and does not require a more extensive cooling system. Some solid pluses.

It turns out that by losing insignificantly in performance, the company receives a significant reduction in cost and the ability to install components more freely. At the same time, choose a more capacious battery. This solution looks very promising in the current situation. If you don't agree, please tell us about it in our Telegram chat.

In general, Google can afford to release smartphones without significant profits. She will not become poorer from this, since other activities bring her billions of dollars. Pixel for her is more a matter of honor and a toy for fans of the brand.

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