Remote media control from Android to PC via Bluetooth

Remote control Android People who actively use their stationary computer or laptop as a multimedia center have probably thought more than once about purchasing a remote control: it is not very convenient to get up from the couch to the keyboard every time to pause a movie or switch the track being played, and wireless mice do not work correctly on some surfaces, such as plaid. But there is a solution that does not require any financial costs if you have a smartphone on Android – these are special applications for Android with support for Bluetooth media remote. We have already discussed how to use the phone Android as a TV remote control in the previous article.

Which application to use

Now there are many fairly high-quality similar programs, but not all of them support the interface Bluetooth, so we settled on the Unified Remote application. In fact, its functionality is not limited to only one multimedia control, but for us today it is this part that is interesting, so we will only consider it.

The application has only an English interface and works in tandem with the second program, which you will need to install on your computer.

You can download it for your smartphone at this link.

For PC.

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In this part of the article, we will show how you can implement media control by Bluetooth for Android.

  1. Install the Unified Remote program on your phone and launch it.
  2. Upon first opening, a window will appear with a link to the server version for Windows. At this point, download the appropriate version on your PC, install and run it.

    Launching Unified Remote

  3. On your smartphone, tap 'I HAVE INSTALLED…'.


  4. In the main window, swipe right to bring up the settings menu.

    Unified Remote main window

  5. Go to the 'Servers' item.

    Swipe right

    At this stage, the application that was downloaded and activated Bluetooth on both devices should already be running on your PC.

  6. On your smartphone, in the list of available devices, find the name of your PC and tap on it. If you suddenly see two identical PC names, select the one accompanied by the BT icon, since we will be using the blue tooth.

    PC name selection

This completes the setup, you can proceed to use.

You can also use the device on Android as a webcam.

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Media control functionality

To control the player on a PC, you need to select the 'Media' item in the list of available functions.


After you open this mode, a panel with control buttons will be displayed, which we will now talk about separately.

There will be 7 keys available:

3 volume control keys ('Louder', 'Quieter', 'Mute').

Volume control

4 buttons responsible for playback ('Next file', 'Previous', 'Stop', 'Start playback / Pause').

Player buttons

You can run your favorite movie on your PC and control its playback from your phone. Happy viewing.

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Computer control via Android to Bluetooth: Video

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