Connect Android to the car speakerphone via Bluetooth via rsap

Connection via Bluetooth rsap for Android - devices

The owners of Volkswagen Passat with a block Bluetooth from Nokia know that the usual Finnish company does not exist as such, and the rsap protocol (hands-free communication in the car, which allows making calls using built-in devices, using smartphone as a phone book) is generally only supported by Finnish phones. We found a solution to how to connect via Bluetooth rsap for Android – devices.

Setting up the phone

For successful configuration, you need Android to have ROOT rights. They can be obtained using different methods, depending on the model:

  • just activate in the settings;
  • using a PC and special software;
  • through mobile apps.

How to get ROOT, look at specialized forums for your smartphone model.

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Before starting, make sure the bluetooth is disabled on your phone. If not, deactivate it.

  1. Install the file installer for the system.
  2. When you start the downloaded program, only one action will be available – 'install / update system files'. Click on it to start copying data. After that, the phone should reboot.

Note: if after carrying out this operation your smartphone does not turn on the blue tooth, you may have forgotten to turn it off before copying new files. To fix everything, you need to run the installer again, delete the files through it, restart the device, turn it off Bluetooth and repeat step 2 again.

Second solution: the reason for the inoperative communication module may be the presence of two libraries for one module. They can conflict with each other. To fix the problem, you need to manually delete one of the files on the system.

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Removing unnecessary library

If your blue tooth turns on, skip this step.

  1. Install 'ES Explorer' on your smartphone.
  2. In it you need to activate the 'Root explorer' mode. To do this, after opening the program, swipe from the very left edge to the right, an additional menu should appear. In the 'Tools' category, activate the 'Root Explorer' item.

    Swipe right

    Enable Root Explorer

  3. After that, go to '/ system / lib / hw'.
  4. There should be two libraries in the 'hw' folder, for example, 'Bluetooth.' and 'Bluetooth. (the name depends on the processor). Rename the extension of the second file to .so_bu.

    The path to the folder

  5. You can turn on the blue tooth.

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Installing the vehicle communication application

Moving on to installing the application:

  1. Install a trial version of SIM Access on your device. This version needs to be restarted every 10 minutes. Or buy a full one.
  2. After launching the program, you need to select a SIM card (if there are 2 of them). Choose the main one, because the program supports only one card and when you change it to another, the car will perceive it as a profile change, and there will be crashes.
  3. Then turn on the search for the phone in the car, enter the connection PIN on the smartphone. Pairing will take place.
  4. The phone book will 'pick up' from Android even with Russian letters. The letter 'ё' may be displayed incorrectly.

    Panel contacts

    Phone book in the car system

If you succeed in pairing the phone with the car using the rsap protocol and everything works correctly, then you can think about switching to the paid version of the application.

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What we get when using this software

We will show the strengths and weaknesses of this program.


  • The standard retractable keyboard works.
  • You don't need to buy anything to work, everything works as usual.
  • In theory, the connection should improve, since the car's antenna will be used, and it has a larger one than a smartphone.


  • When the SIM card is connected to the car, the SIM card is disabled in the smartphone. The GSM module of the car starts working with it. Therefore, during pairing on the phone, you will not be able to use this number (for example, to access the Internet).
  • There is no way to switch the conversation to the smartphone speaker, since at that moment it does not have access to the SIM-card (it is inconvenient if you are not alone in the car, and the conversation is not for all ears. You will need to call back).
  • At the moment of pairing, your number is displayed in the 'out of range' status. Therefore, while pairing is in progress, you cannot be reached (seconds, but still).
  • Not the entire address book is downloaded to the car (the paid version eliminates this drawback).

In general, after carrying out the described manipulations, you get a full-fledged speakerphone in your car with the support of received / missed / dialed numbers.

Phone in the auto system

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Speakerphone for car Bluetooth: Video

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