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Features Android Android is an operating system with a lot of possibilities. The threshold for entering it differs little from the closest competitor IOS, but Android has much wider customization functions. In addition, everyone can master the creation of small utilities for their gadgets, it will take very little time to spend on this; to write the simplest programs, it is not necessary to know the Java language, in which everything is actually created for this shell. However, even if you do not touch the technical part and do not reflash the devices, people using this platform will have access to the hidden features Android. This article will cover some of them.

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What are hidden functions

These are special options, about which you rarely find information in the instructions for using the gadget. This can be, for example, the function of launching an application without an Internet connection. Or the ability to use a phone or tablet for something other than its intended purpose (an example is the option of connecting a gadget to a TV as a remote control or using the device as a game joystick). Some features do not require special intervention, others will require Root access to activate.

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Secrets Android: Video

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The most interesting Android options

Now let's look at the most interesting hidden functions Android:

Almost every user of the operating shell has access to the GoogleMaps service. But it only works online. However, using the “Ok map” command, you can force the system to download a map of the region in question. The download lasts for a few minutes, after which the utility can be used without an Internet connection.

Map download Save the map

This function is ideal for those whose device does not have a built-in GPS module.

  1. Quick access to your most used contacts. You need to click on an empty area of ​​any desktop, then a line with shortcuts will appear at the very bottom. One of them will be 'Contact'. You need to click on it and assign which contact will receive such a function. After that, you will no longer have to go into the contact book, just one click on the desktop is enough.

    Quick access to contacts Quick access to contacts
  2. Reinsurance in case the phone is stolen or lost. In the second case, there is a chance that a decent person will find it and return the find to the owner. For help, you can register your contacts on the lock screen. First you need to go to the security menu, then 'Screen lock' and use the 'Owner information' menu. There you need to check the 'Show owner information' box and enter your data. Besides, of course, also come up with a code for blocking.

    Owner data Owner data
  3. An easy way to take a screenshot. As you know, there are several ways to take screenshots on Android. The first is in the menus that drop down from the top. The second way is a keyboard shortcut. There is no definite answer which of them to use. This option is activated differently for each manufacturer. You can learn more about this in the instructions.
  4. The cleaning option. Android has one big problem, all the utilities that are used in it are not closed, but minimized, which is why they load the RAM and drain the battery resource. In the new, last, to date iteration, a special 'Cleanup' program has been built in. After its launch, all unnecessary is unloaded.

    Android Menu Android Menu
  5. Program for saving battery power. Many manufacturers began to build this into their devices. The utility conducts detailed monitoring and shows what can be done to extend battery life

    Battery saving software Battery saving software
  6. Centralized access to files. Another option that was added in version 4.4. Now you don't need to get Root access to manage files and folders, just use a special manager. It was very successful to add a new folder 'Recent files', where by default everything is sent to be uploaded, downloaded or transferred to the device. By default, the management program is called 'Explorer'.

    Conductor Conductor
  7. Creation of an unlimited number of desktops.

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With each new version of Android, new opportunities appear. Thanks to this, the functionality of the system approaches limitless. Features Android make working with this operating system convenient and pleasant even for novice users.

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Hidden Features Android: Video

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