Remote PC control via Android to Bluetooth

Remote PC control In life, there are many situations in which it would be convenient to remotely control your computer within an apartment or office, using only a smartphone that is not connected either to the Internet or to a shared router. And in such situations, applications from the category Bluetooth remote control PC for Android come to the rescue, one of which we will talk about. Let me remind you that in one of the previous articles we condemned the use of a smartphone as a remote control for a TV.

Our choice

Today you can find about 10 good programs designed for remote control of a computer, but few of them will be able to support several technologies of communication with a PC at once. Usually limited to only one Wi-Fi connection. We came across a free program on Google Play called Unified Remote. It supports PC control via Android to Bluetooth and via Wi-Fi, whichever is more convenient for you in this situation.

Like all similar applications, the control process interacts with the server part, which is separately installed on the computer.

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Next, we will show how to configure and use the remote control PC via Bluetooth to Android. To do this, repeat the following steps:

  1. Download to your smartphone and launch Unified Remote.
  2. After launch, a window will appear with a link to the site. You will need to access it from your PC. On the official website, download and install the server part for Windows, and then launch it.

    Launch Unified Remote



  4. Next, you will see the main application window. Swipe right to bring up an additional menu.

    Unified Remote main window

  5. We need to select our computer for further connection to it. Select the 'Servers' item.

    Swipe right

    Make sure your computer is running the server program you downloaded earlier. And also activate Bluetooth on both devices.

  6. On the phone, find the name of your computer in the list of available devices and select it opposite the blue tooth icon, since we want to control it via Bluetooth.

    Select PC name

After these steps, your smartphone will connect to the PC, and you can start control.

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Application functionality

The program has a good set of functions that are implemented quite conveniently for use.

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Mouse and input

The first item on the menu is 'Basic Input '. By entering it, you can perform the following functions.

Basic Input

  1. Use the smartphone display as a touchpad.


  2. Call the standard keyboard Android for text input on the PC.

    Touch Pad Mode


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File management

  • The next item is the file manager, which is called the File manager . When you go to it, the computer's file system will be displayed, where you can perform the following actions with files:
  • Browse.
  • Rename.
  • Copy.
  • Move.
  • Delete.

    File Manager

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Text input

By clicking on 'Keyboard', you will see that a kind of keyboard will be displayed, which performs the same role as the standard one, but also has additional buttons and covers the entire display area. You can choose what is more convenient.


Keyboard Mode

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Multimedia Remote

The 'Media ' line is very convenient when using a smartphone as a remote control from a player. This mode has buttons:


  • volume control

    Volume buttons

  • player playback control keys (start playback, pause, stop, next, previous file)

    Player buttons

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Activity control

The 'Power ' mode is responsible for the activity of the computer, here you can:


  • Reload.
  • Turn off.
  • Put into sleep mode.
  • Activate hibernation.
  • Block your account.
  • Sign out of your account.

    Power buttons

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Remote viewing

The final item on the list is 'Screen (Preview)': by launching it, you will see how the computer desktop will be displayed on the smartphone display and everything that is done on the PC monitor will also be displayed on the phone display (the function works only on the paid version of the program).


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Computer control via Android: Video

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