We must take! Galaxy Note 10 in Russia fell by 40% since the start of sales

One of the undeniable advantages of smartphones running Android – even frankly expensive ones – is the high volatility. In short, they are getting cheaper very quickly and very rapidly. It takes only about six months, and the device, which cost 100 thousand rubles, starts to cost 50-60, while continuing to maintain the status of the flagship. Why this happens is easy to guess. But I prefer to call this the common denominator effect, when the market cuts everything down, putting everything in its place. It's also the turn of the Galaxy Note 10.

We must take!  Galaxy Note 10 in Russia fell by 40% since the start of sales

Looking to buy a Galaxy Note 10? Right now

The Galaxy Note 10 went on sale last August and until the Galaxy S20 was released, it retained its status as Samsung's most outstanding smartphone. Top filling, advanced design and a wide range of features made it even more desirable for many than the latter iPhone. But even now, almost a year later, the Korean branded phablet does not seem to have aged at all, but, on the contrary, has become even more attractive than before. Not least thanks to the falling price, which has dropped by almost 40% from the original figures.

Buy Galaxy Note 10 at a discount

We must take!  Galaxy Note 10 in Russia fell by 40% since the start of sales

Galaxy Note 10 fell by almost 40% since the start of sales

As of July 19, 2020, Galaxy Note 10 can be bought for plus or minus for 45 thousand rubles. Yes, we are talking about gray retail, where devices come from abroad bypassing official supply channels. But those who want to save money, as a rule, care little about the way the smartphone got to their pocket. After all, this is a tangible drop, even though many official retailers have a smartphone worth 65-66 thousand, and Samsung itself still sells some modifications at the original price, hoping to hit the jackpot.

In a broad sense, white – that is, official – and gray smartphones are practically the same. The main difference between them, as mentioned above, does not even lie in the origin, because they are both produced at the same factories, but in the method of import into the country of sale. That is, the Russian office of Samsung buys white devices from the head office, and the gray ones are carried by private traders independently across the border, ensuring the difference in price with a tax refund. After all, few people know that EU countries allow foreigners to return the VAT paid in the amount of 18-20% when crossing the border.

Should you buy the Galaxy Note 10

We must take!  Galaxy Note 10 in Russia fell by 40% since the start of sales

Galaxy Note 10 is good even a year after its release

Due to the fact that the warranty for smartphones of most manufacturers today is international, it is possible to repair a failed 'Seryak' in official service centers without any problems. This is very beneficial, considering that when buying a gray smartphone, you can save up to 30-40%, which we see in the example of Galaxy Note 10. Well, since foreign copies of Samsung smartphones are often equipped with more advanced hardware, then it makes sense to buy exactly the gray model is even larger.

Should you buy a Galaxy Note 10 in the summer of 2020 when the Galaxy Note 20 is just weeks away? I believe that it is possible, but only on condition of purchase from servo carriers. After all, this is still a very attractive smartphone with productive hardware, which, moreover, costs quite reasonable money. Yes, the Galaxy Note 20 will be more powerful, and it will have a better camera. But keep in mind that at the start of sales, it will cost under 80 thousand rubles against 45 thousand for the 'top ten'. And since their design will be almost identical, I definitely don't see any reason to overpay.

P.S. If you still fundamentally buy a 'white' smartphone, now MTS is running a promotion, within which you can get a Galaxy Note 10 for the same 44,990 rubles as for servo carriers, using the HOME48 promo code. So hurry up.

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