US Department of Commerce prepares to partially lift sanctions from Huawei

It is allowed, it is forbidden, then it is allowed again. This is, in a nutshell, the history of the relationship between the US government and Huawei. It seems that not so long ago new sanctions were imposed on the company, and now it may even lose processors for its equipment, including network equipment, which is even more important for Huawei consumer direction. Nevertheless, from time to time someone remembers that it will be difficult without such a major player in the international network arena, and comes up with how to fix the situation in their favor. Sometimes this even leads to a partial lifting of such loudly imposed sanctions. Let's also talk loudly about how they can be filmed.

US Department of Commerce prepares to partially lift sanctions from Huawei

Huawei and 5G go hand in hand.

Will the sanctions be lifted from Huawei

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross reportedly confirmed that the government will allow US companies to work with Huawei on building networks 5G. Wilbur Ross points out that the move is intended to strengthen the US's position in the industry. And this is in addition to “protecting national security interests” related to foreign policy. To this end, the Department of Commerce and other agencies have signed an agreement that allows US companies to work with Huawei to deploy fifth generation networks and develop standards for this format.

Interestingly, this relaxation, if you can call it that, followed not just the way last year sanctions were imposed on the company, but also the fact that they were extended just a month ago, and the company was also banned from using developments in the production of processors that owned by the United States or American companies.

US companies like Qualcomm are calling for Huawei to be allowed to work for the good 5G from the end of 2019. Qualcomm's CEO at the time indicated that standards are mandatory. And without the interaction and collaboration of international companies and industry leaders such as Huawei, global standardization is impossible. Or the US will simply not be involved in setting standards.

US Department of Commerce prepares to partially lift sanctions from Huawei

5G walks the planet with confidence.

Will Huawei be able to work again with Google and others

Of course, this doesn't change things for Huawei. This means that the company can continue to work to standardize the technologies it is pursuing. But this does not mean that she will be able to promote her proposal, for example, to license the technology 5G to American companies. That is, despite the relaxation, the company will not receive the rights that it once had.

And naturally, this indulgence will not in any way affect the fact that Huawei will have to look for new ways of producing equipment for network systems and smartphones. These sanctions continue to apply. And no one is going to cancel them.

Complicating the situation is that many companies were forced to make a choice, to continue working with Huawei or to accommodate the United States, choosing the option of friendship with its government. Many companies even out of the blue started building factories in the United States or received government contracts after they joined the sanctions.

What is the US for Huawei

According to a release from the Commerce Department, the United States should be involved in setting standards for all upcoming technological advances. This of course includes 5G. But that also includes maintaining US 'influence' on standards for autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and 'other advanced technologies'.

US Department of Commerce prepares to partially lift sanctions from Huawei

Without Huawei it will be difficult to work in the field of standardization.

The implication is that the US Department of Commerce does not want any American company or partners to stay away from major technological innovations. As a result, as we can see, it is trying to balance on the verge between sanctions and bans on working with Huawei, on the one hand, and the need to include it in a large project, on the other. As we understand, if the USA needs other cooperation, this will also be separately agreed and Huawei will be able to join the work.

The law has not yet been published and so far it is impossible to say when it will come into force, but, most likely, this is a question of the very near future. It should be assumed that it will affect not only Huawei, but also other companies from the prohibited list, with which you cannot do anything. The main thing is that they have something to offer the US government. That is, they must have some influence on the formation of standards for new technologies in their industries around the world. Currently, according to those involved, the law is awaiting publication in the Federal Register.

US Department of Commerce prepares to partially lift sanctions from Huawei

In this building, it is decided whether Huawei will work in the USA.

Do Huawei need to lift sanctions

We can say that Huawei this is not necessary, and since she was so offended, you can simply slam the door and walk away, refusing to share your work, but, firstly, everyone still has them, but in -second, participation in this project should be done by yourself Huawei. Only in this way can she maintain her influence in the industry. If for the sake of her invitation some of such high-profile sanctions were canceled, then they are worth something.

And also Huawei it is necessary due to the fact that it is easy to make money on it. Such a project is a lot of money and no one will do anything for free. Considering that the work is not limited to installing one router (figuratively speaking), it can be assumed that the amounts there will be simply huge.

And also so the company will be able to maintain its relationship with partners from among American companies. Someday the sanctions may be lifted and we will have to work with them. So why not throw your little Chinese harpoon in there?

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