WhatsApp has a built-in payment function. When in Russia?

Online payments have long been the norm, having a marked impact on the spread of money transfers and online commerce. Apple, Google, Samsung, Facebook, VKontakte, Yandex – these and many other companies have already implemented translation functions in their services, giving users the opportunity to not only pay for purchases without unnecessary problems, but also transfer money from account to account. At some point, the payments function even appeared in Telegram and, although it was not very popular, attracted the attention of other messengers who did not want to stay away.

WhatsApp has a built-in payment function.  When in Russia?

Brazil can already pay for purchases via WhatsApp

After months of testing, WhatsApp finally launched a built-in online payment system based on the Facebook Pay payment service. So far, the innovation is officially available only in Brazil, but over time, the developers promise to launch it around the world. With its help, users will be able to pay for purchases directly in the messenger, as well as exchange money with each other.

WhatsApp money transfers

WhatsApp has a built-in payment function.  When in Russia?

Money transfers in WhatsApp are made via Facebook Pay

It was originally planned that WhatsApp's online payment system would be unique. To this end, the developers even teamed up with several banks in India to develop their own method of conducting transactions. However, for some unknown reason, the management of the service decided that in this way the payment will take place only in India, and for all other countries Facebook Pay will be used.

Payment will be easier than it sounds. WhatsApp already has a special version of the messenger for business, where you can post links to products, advertise them, set prices and run promotions. Thanks to the deep integration of the two versions of WhatsApp, sellers will be able to easily offer products to users, and they, in turn, will be just as easy to pay for them without having to register in their personal account. After all, the seller has a buyer's contact.

Payments in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a built-in payment function.  When in Russia?

WhatsApp has no plans to charge user fees

Payments via WhatsApp will be completely free for users, but companies that accept them will pay a 3.99% commission. This is quite a lot, but in many countries around the world, for example, the acquiring fee that banks charge stores for servicing terminals is quite close to these numbers. Therefore, most likely, no disappointment, given that WhatsApp offers sellers a new platform for trading, the size of the commission will not cause.

But whether there will be free money transfers between users is a big question. Despite the fact that WhatsApp claims that it will not charge a cent from them, there are internal bank transfer fees. They will most likely have to be paid anyway. After all, WhatsApp will clearly not deceive the banking system or work at a disadvantage, covering commissions, since its goal is not to catch up with an audience that already exists, namely, what to make money on transactions.

Payment by QR

WhatsApp has a built-in payment function.  When in Russia?

QR payments will make WhatsApp a full-fledged analogue of WeChat

A logical continuation of the development of payments within the framework of WhatsApp will be payment by QR codes. This will greatly raise the status of the messenger, because, firstly, it will take it out of the online space to offline, which is still wider, and secondly, it will attract a lot of users who, for one reason or another, cannot use NFC services, and, in Third, will increase your WhatsApp earnings.

When payments in WhatsApp will start in Russia, it is still unknown. Mark Zuckerberg promises to launch a new function within the messenger in more markets in the near future. However, here you need to take into account that in our country Facebook Pay, which is the basis of the WhatsApp payment tool, does not work either. This means that the social network will first have to launch a payment service with us, and only then integrate it into the messenger.

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