How 5G exposed the crowd's penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

We live in a time when the adequacy of people raises big questions. It seems that you communicate one on one – everything is normal. But once you look at the crowd, doubts arise that humanity is on the path of evolution. Now this is very clearly seen on the example of the situation with fifth generation networks. For a long time, everyone was waiting for them and wanted their early appearance, as salvation from all troubles. Now that they are no longer just on the doorstep, and many even use them, people, having heard enough tales from the Internet, began to create it is not clear what, burning towers and in every possible way preventing the emergence of new technologies. Very similar to the Indians who do not take pictures because it steals their souls.

How 5G exposed the crowd's penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

You can still struggle with wireless phone chargers. Suddenly they lead to the development of acute respiratory infections.

Unreasonable fears about 5G arise in society primarily because of bloggers who are promoting on this topic and gaining millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers on the topic of chipping and conspiracy theory regarding 5G. People who cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, against the background of what is happening in the world, become zombified by this and begin to behave inappropriately. Even some services, like YouTube, started blocking the corresponding videos back in April. He was also joined by Facebook and Twitter.

This can be called a hello to those who say that everyone on TV is lying, and on YouTube, any unsubstantiated nonsense said is unconditionally true. Now and here the invisible hand of the worldwide conspiracy has begun to block the “truthful” information.

There are two main complaints about 5G that are being pushed by influencers. The first concerns the involvement 5G in the fact that now more and more people are falling ill in the world. It never even occurs to anyone that radio waves cannot cause viral diseases. Why, for example, no one says that the increase in diseases is associated with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5, the spread of TikTok or the exhaust from SpaceX rockets, which are flying more and more often? Sounds like crazy, I agree. But the arguments about 5G sound the same way.

How 5G exposed the crowd's penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

People of the age who do not understand new technologies and young people who believe in strange reasoning also hold rallies.

The second claim boils down to the fact that, under the pretext of a pandemic, chips will be introduced to us, by which we can be tracked through fifth-generation networks. I don't even want to comment here. Especially against the background of how in Scandinavia and the USA people themselves strive to implant chips in themselves in order to make it convenient and not have to carry a bunch of cards. I am already generally silent about those cases when an unconscious person urgently needs the help of doctors, and no one even knows who he is and how he should be helped. Chip scanning would solve this problem in the bud. And there are still a lot of people who, apparently, never restored their lost documents.

The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that people not only believe in a connection 5G and a worldwide conspiracy, which, if there is, we would never know about it, but also commit real crimes. For example, in the UK alone, activists burned about 80 towers 5G. In the world, this figure, according to various sources, exceeds 200 pieces. Each tower costs tens of thousands of dollars, but people consider this not damage to someone else's property, but a fight against a conspiracy. Has everyone become bored and need to feel like a resistance fighter?

How 5G exposed the crowd's penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

The towers 5G cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the development of the standard cost billions of dollars.

Sometimes it even reaches the point of absurdity. For example, back in April there was information that according to the CEO of BT Group (a British telecommunications company) Philip Jansen, as of April 21, 40 employees of the company were attacked. Many of them consisted not only in verbal statements of claims – they even went as far as physical attacks. “We even had one engineer who was stabbed in the hospital,” Jansen said. Against this background, it seems that 5G does not affect the spread of the virus, but the mental abilities of people.

A protest against 5G has been scheduled for this weekend, NATE warned Thursday. Global Day of Protest 5G could lead to attacks on mobile towers on Saturday and Sunday. It was also said that activists want to recognize Saturday as the international day of struggle against 5G. In this regard, NATE even had to warn company employees to be more careful. Soon it will be necessary to warn ordinary people who bought themselves 5G smartphones that they can “snatch” on the street for such a purchase.

Many telecom operators literally beg people to stop spoiling expensive equipment and hinder the advancement of technology that is used for everyone's comfort.

FCC General Counsel Thomas Johnson, Jr., in an article for the Washington Post, stated the following.

As if the Americans lack other concerns right now. Some people have recently expressed concerns about the supposedly harmful effects 5G on health. Hypotheses about the impact 5G on human health have long caused panic and have no scientific support. Thomas Johnson Jr. said.

He called the fears “ paradoxical '' during the COVID-19 pandemic, because people now, on the contrary, need faster and more reliable Internet when they work remotely, study at home or go online to see a doctor.

How 5G exposed the crowd's penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

Yes, 5G will be global, but LTE is not a very local story either. Maybe we will ban it too? We lived normally when there was only GPRS and oil at 100. Maybe this is connected?

The way it is! People are literally obsessed with the idea of ​​harm 5G, although earlier in the comments to articles or in our Telegram chat, everyone was very actively interested in this idea. We saw this in the statistics of viewings of relevant articles and in how actively people engaged in discussions. Now the degree of human stupidity has reached a new level and we have to think about what we will give up when we win 5G. Electric vehicles? New types of drugs? Electronic currency? What other ways will opinion leaders offer us to go back in time for cheap PR on people's fears of everything new?

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