Are the readers of Android ready to switch to Harmony OS from Android

Harmony OS, which has not been heard of since the end of last year, has become one of the main trends in the mobile market over the past couple of weeks. The reason for the revival of interest in the operating system Huawei was the launch of the version for smartphones. Despite the fact that there is currently no device on the market that would allow the installation of Harmony OS 2.0, this did not stop the company from announcing the launch of a beta testing program and promising that all devices with EMUI 11 support will be updated to Harmony OS. But will users want it?

Harmony OS

A wide variety of devices will work on Harmony OS

To find out the preferences of users, we turned to our readers. Who, if not them, will decide the fate of Harmony OS? Therefore, we organized a poll in our Telegram chat, the members of which took the most active part in it. There was only one question that appeared in the survey and sounded like this: would you agree to transfer from Android to Harmony OS? We understood that users would only be able to answer very early, because the new OS Huawei had not even been released yet. But interest took its toll and we took a chance.

Moving from Android to Harmony OS

HarmonyOS presentation

Huawei introduced Harmony OS a year ago, and upgraded it to support smartphones this spring

For a third of those surveyed, Harmony OS looks like something distant and not very clear. They honestly admitted that they do not understand well how the new operating system Huawei will be better Android, and therefore do not see any reason for themselves to participate in this transfer. Moreover, most of the respondents were not even aware that Huawei plans to license Harmony OS for third-party manufacturers, so that they can install its platform on their smartphones, dressing in proprietary shells or using it in its pure form. Therefore the survey participants are from this category. replied that they did not know whether they would change to it or not.

I've heard that Harmony OS will be faster and easier Android and also more secure. But the conflicting statements Huawei about their own platform confuse me a lot. The company's management either praises Harmony OS and says that it has high hopes for it, then admits that it does not see any prospects for it in the market of mobile operating systems. This is very confusing. In addition, we have not yet been shown the Harmony OS live, and therefore it is difficult to say whether I want to change to it or not, – explained one of the users.

Why is Harmony OS better Android?

40% do not consider Harmony OS as a replacement at all Android. Their position turned out to be surprisingly the same and is that the new operating system will almost certainly be worse than the old one. After all, if Android is already well adapted, has an extensive set of software and developers interested in its development, Harmony OS cannot boast of anything of this. According to the refuseniks, it will take a long time before Harmony OS matures, because creating shells on the basis of a ready-made OS and creating your own OS is far from the same thing.

Huawei P30

So far Huawei really hasn't provided any reasons to switch from Android to Harmony OS, but there are already plenty of people willing

I see no reason to change the awl for soap. I, unlike Huawei, have no complaints about Google, so I'm not going to abandon Android. After all, what does Huawei actually offer? She invites her users to abandon their familiar place and go virtually nowhere under her promise that where she calls everyone, it will be no worse. This will certainly convince someone, but not me. Google did not offend me in any way so that I just took and gave up the operating system that I have been using for many years and had a lot of opportunities to switch to iOS, another user said.

There were not so few people willing to switch to Harmony OS from Android – as much as 26%. This is quite a lot, considering that Huawei has not even shown its operating system and has not explained its main advantages to users. After all, now, when Huawei ask: 'What is Harmony OS better?', She answers with a blue eye: 'What Android'. Of course, with such a model of interaction, it is rather difficult to build normal communication. But, practice shows that even Huawei and Honor have fans who are ready to unconditionally abandon Android in favor of Harmony OS. For all my interest in this topic, I still cannot say for sure that I will choose it myself.

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