Which is better – Android or Windows?

Until recently, when asked which is better – Android or Windows, people did not even compare these 2 systems side by side, since they were intended for different types of devices, as they used to think at that time, Android was made for phones and tablets, and Windows for desktops and laptops. Therefore, there was not much point in comparing them. But over the years 2013-2014, Microsoft leaped forward, migrating to mobile devices. Today Windows can be installed on tablets, which is a big competitor to Android.

Android vs Windows

Now, when making a choice of a tablet, one must refer not only to the materials of the device itself, the amount of memory, batteries and the size of the screen, but also to the operating system, since there are already at least 3 of them. But it remains to find out which operating system is better – Android or Windows for tablet.

To facilitate your choice, you should make a comparison between Android and Windows in situations where it is very convenient to use the tablet.

Which is better Android or Windows: Video

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Convenience in Internet surfing

Which is better - Android or Windows?

People buy a tablet, first of all, because it is much more compact than a stationary PC or laptop, having the same multimedia functionality on board. For example, in the evening you will want to lie down on the couch to surf the Internet. By default, installed Internet Explorer in Windows and Chrome in Android have approximately the same functionality. On both operating systems, the content of the sites is displayed without any problems, it is possible to create tabs with pages and watch videos in HTML5. In this task, the only plus for Windows is support for Adobe Flash without installing additional. tools. Android users are also not deprived of this, but still have to install the add-on.

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Which platform is the best for gaming?

If the tablet was purchased not for one Internet surfing, but also for games and entertainment, then the choice is obvious: Windows. The only question is which games you want to install. Most typical mobile games exist for both systems.

Games on Windows Games on Windows
Games on Android Games on Android

But x86 software maintenance for Windows provides more opportunities. You can, for example, play Counter Strike on your tablet by connecting a mouse and keyboard to it via USB. But, you should understand that you should not expect high performance from a tablet before installing Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3 on your tablet.

Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
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Which is better Android or Windows 8: Video

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Pros Microsoft that Google doesn't have

But the upsides of 8.1 aren't just in games. I would like to draw your attention to programs for amateur image processing. Yes, the imposition of photo effects, color correction, resizing, all this is for both systems, but for Windows there are programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop, and in some situations they are simply irreplaceable. But if you just want to quickly change the look of a photo, then the system from Google is not a bit inferior.

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Convenient management of your personal home album

But the next plus should be given to Android, since we are talking about the 'gallery'. This is a standard function in this system, which conveniently collects absolutely all images and videos that are on the device in one place, and viewing is very convenient. There is similar functionality for Windows, only some points are not so well implemented. To view, you need to enter the folders yourself and there is no built-in photo editing function.

Gallery in Android Gallery in Android

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Work with documents

If we are talking about office programs, then there are advantages for each of the systems. If you plan to type and edit text, then the standard Microsoft Office for visible has no equal. But on the other hand, if you only need a tablet to demonstrate your presentations and read documents, then Android has a very large selection of such applications with a different set of functions.

Working with files in Nokia Lumia Working with files in Nokia Lumia

Here were given the main advantages of both systems, which first of all can catch the eye of the user, but on which OS you choose a tablet, the choice is only yours.

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Which is better Android or Windows Phone: Video

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