How to find the IMEI number of your phone

Phone IMEI Every cell phone, be it the cheapest or the most sophisticated smartphone for 100 thousand rubles, has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI) number. Usually, the number consists of 15 or 16 digits, with which mobile operators identify devices registered in the network.

This number is unique and difficult to change, so it can be used to blacklist stolen phones. Also, the number can sometimes be used to track the device in order to return it to its rightful owner.

How to find out the IMEI of the phone on Android, iOS?

How to find out the IMEI of the phone? There are several ways. You can enter a special code in the “Phone” application, you can see it in the settings, you can check the information in your account. Let's take a closer look at these options.

Option 1: Dial # 06 # on your phone.

imei phone

It doesn't matter which manufacturer's smartphone you have in your hands and at what price. This can be an expensive iPhone or a Nokia cell phone, where a built-in flashlight is the best option. If you dial # 06 #, your phone's IMEI will appear. Sometimes you need to click on the “Submit” button for this to work.

Option 2: look in the settings.

The IMEI number can also be found in the system settings. If you can't find it, try Settings> General> About phone or Settings> About phone, depending on the model.

Phone IMEI in settings

Option 3: the number can be written on the body of the smartphone.

Phone IMEI on the back case

Some smartphones have the IMEI number written directly on the case next to the serial number and various other inscriptions. For example, Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6 have such numbers. On more modern devices, this may not be the case, since manufacturers try to keep them as clean as possible.

Option 4: compartment for the SIM card.

And yet, manufacturers are required to have the IMEI recorded somewhere. Many people choose a SIM card holder. If you don't have a SIM eject tool, a small pin will do.

Phone IMEI - SIM-card compartment.

Option 5: a box from a smartphone.

The IMEI can be written on the box in which this smartphone was sold. If you've lost your device, the box may be your only way to find out the number.

IMEI on the phone box

Option 6: IMEI in iCloud (iPhone and iPad only).

Device owners Apple can go to and enter your ID login and password Apple ID. After logging in, you will see a list of your devices Apple. Click on the IMEI of which you need.

IMEI iPhone to iCloud

Option 7: find out IMEI from another device at iOS (only iPhone and iPad).

The IMEI for a device on the platform iOS can be found using another device at iOS where you have logged into your account. Open the settings and click on your name at the top to get to the Apple ID page. Here you will see a list of your devices. In it, select the one you need.

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