How to control a smartphone Android from a personal computer

Connecting a smartphone to a computer Ever wondered if it is possible to control your smartphone Android from your computer? Surely you already imagine how convenient it is to view files from your phone on your PC and write messages from the keyboard. Or suddenly you forgot your phone at home, and you need contacts of people at work? In this article I will tell you what applications it is possible to control Android from a PC.

Control Android from a computer

There are many utilities that can be used to control Android – the device from a PC. We will consider two of the well-known ones, and you will already stop at the one that seems most convenient to you.

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How to use AirDroid

Consider AirDroid – in my opinion, this is one of the best web-based programs for this task. It has a friendly interface that will be simple and understandable for any user.

  1. Search your browser for the AirDroid utility. I can suggest you download it safely from this link on the Google Play page.
  2. Install AirDroid on your computer. Click Install. A window will open on the display where it will be necessary to confirm the installation by pressing 'OK'.


    the confirmation

  3. Now follow the link. The web interface of the program will open in front of you.


  4. Download the program from Google Play and install it on your smartphone by clicking the 'Install' button.

    Install on AirDroid

  5. After installation, click 'Open' to launch the application.

    Click 'Open'

  6. Click on 'Enable' to allow all notifications from the mobile system to be shown on your computer.
  7. Then click the icon to scan the QR code. Move your phone to the monitor so that the phone reads the QR code from the web page. Or enter your data in the form (login and password); Login via social networks is also possible.


  8. The computer will connect to the smartphone. The phone displays 'Local Connection Mode' and the web page displays your phone model and menu.

Now you can start managing your phone Android from your computer. This will allow you to easily view files, photos, type messages and even make calls. With this application you can take screenshots, monitor the battery charge, view all the information about your device.

You can also install this application on your tablet, and you will be able to control your phone Android from Android – tablet through the browser.

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Controlling an Android smartphone from a computer: Video

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Via TeamViewer QuickSupport

Consider another program that will help owners. You may be familiar with it – this is TeamViewer.

  1. Search your web browser to find Team Viewer. Download it from a secure source, preferably the official website.
  2. After installation, the program window will open in front of you, where for further connection you will need to enter the smartphone ID.
  3. Now you need to install the Team Viewer QuickSupport utility from Google Play.

    Install TeamViewer

  4. After installing the application, click 'Open'.

    Open TeamViewer

  5. You will see the main menu of the program, where the ID for the remote connection will be indicated.

    ID for remote connection

  6. Enter your smartphone ID in the 'Partner ID' field in the desktop application.

    Entering your smartphone ID

  7. Make sure the 'Remote control' checkbox is checked.
  8. Check the entered data and click 'Connect to partner'.
  9. On the notification that appears on the screen of your mobile device, tap 'Allow'.


  10. The application window on your PC changes to reveal information about your device and possible interaction options.

Application window on PC

This utility will be of great help in remote interaction with your smartphone. Familiarize yourself with the tabs and capabilities of this program: with it, you can view information about the connected device, monitor the processor's operation, RAM load, monitor the battery level, control the amount of free and used memory, and all this on one screen. By going to the 'Applications' tab, you can view the size, version, date of installation of applications on the mobile device. You can also delete them.

Applications Tab

Now it is possible to conveniently put things in order on the smartphone from the monitor screen; the 'Processes' tab will also be useful, where you can observe which application consumes the most resources of the device, and estimate the time of its operation.

Processes Tab

Today we looked at two very popular and easy-to-use programs, described their functionality and how they work. Now you know how to control Android from a PC. Hopefully this article was helpful.

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Computer control via Android: Video

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