How do I free up RAM on my phone?

My Android Tools If your smartphone constantly slows down from many running services and applications, and the standard methods of optimizing work do not help, I recommend using the My Android Tools utility. The program requires root to run. You can download the application on the forum.

So, after installing and running the program, there are the following components:

  • Services.
  • Receivers.
  • Activity.
  • Providers.


To prevent installed applications from loading into RAM for some events, go to Receivers. Next, go to Autostart. It scans your applications for different receivers.

A receiver is an event in the phone, after which the application is loaded. The following events are available in the program:

  • Loading.
  • Change the network connection.
  • Change your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enable / disable Wi-Fi.
  • Time change.
  • Change the time zone (time zone).
  • Installing the application.
  • Removing the application.
  • Turn the screen on and off.
  • User actions.

List of receiver events

We select any receiver and manually stop unnecessary services and applications. Below is a screenshot using the example of Sberbank.

Sberbank receivers

So I recommend going through the entire list of applications (or all receivers) and crossing out those that you do not need. If you are in doubt about the purpose of the chosen service, search the Internet – there are descriptions of each.

Video how to free up RAM

  • How do I free up RAM on my phone?

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