Why the Pixel 4a is the perfect Android smartphone that I recommend to everyone

Google unveiled the Pixel 4a last week. The novelty was not only cheaper than its predecessors, but also no worse than the regular Pixel 4, which was immediately removed from the market because of it. Still, after all, against the background of the affordable and no less functional Pixel 4a, the classic device – even if it belonged to the class of flagships – looked clearly losing. Another thing is that the newcomer as a whole remains frankly inaccessible due to the limited presence in retail, and the only way to buy it is to order from abroad. Is it worth it?

Why the Pixel 4a is the perfect Android smartphone that I recommend to everyone

The Pixel 4a is the ultimate smartphone Android. Absolutely right

Definitely worth it. Despite the fact that, most likely, you will have to turn to the services of mail forwarding services that buy goods abroad for you, and then send them to you, I would personally go to these difficulties. After all, the Pixel 4a is a truly unique device, with no smartphones to be found on the market today Android. In addition to the fact that it is, in fact, a 'pixel', which can be safely equated with stable support, this is a super-promising smartphone that will plug even many flagships in the belt.

Pixel 4a advantages

Why the Pixel 4a is the perfect Android smartphone that I recommend to everyone

The Pixel 4a has many advantages that make it better than the rest

  • The Pixel 4a has a mega-advanced camera that takes great pictures no matter the conditions. For almost any occasion, he has a special mode. Night shooting, portrait shooting, shooting from afar – whatever you choose, the novelty will give you a guaranteed high-quality result.
  • The Pixel 4a is the cheapest 'pixel' that has ever existed. Despite being a non-flagship, the $ 349 price tag is actually very good considering that it is almost no different from the classic Pixel 4 from a functional standpoint.
  • The Pixel 4a is the only budget smartphone to be updated for three consecutive years. Unfortunately, it will not receive three new versions Android, like the Galaxy flagships, but only two, while on the third it will only receive security updates. But since many don't shine on them either, then, in my opinion, this is a strong argument in favor of the Pixel 4a.
  • Despite the stock Android, which in terms of functionality seems to be less attractive than shells, Google does not forget about its smartphones. Therefore, four times a year, it releases exclusive updates for them through the Pixel Feature Drop program, in which no third-party smartphone participates.

Why buy a Pixel 4a

Why the Pixel 4a is the perfect Android smartphone that I recommend to everyone

The Pixel 4a is on average more functional than the competition, and costs less

But the Pixel is not only good at camera and support, which sets it apart from all other smartphones. Pixel line devices have support for the advanced version of the Google Assistant out of the box. Unlike the one that is available to everyone, the 'pixel' one answers without any delays at all, can partially work without an Internet connection, answering questions, the answers to which are stored in the database, and also allows you to conveniently manage the interface of the operating system and installed applications when voice assistance. For example, in this way it is very convenient to interact with the Chrome browser, for which it is enough to give quick commands like 'back', 'forward' and 'read aloud'.

Is the Pixel 4a cheap? In my opinion, no. But even by Russian standards, the 25 thousand rubles that the United States is asking for it in terms of our currency is not catastrophically big money. Undoubtedly, you still have to pay for the delivery service and do not forget about the 13% tax, which will have to be paid from $ 150 (from the amount exceeding the established limit of $ 200). As a result, about 27-28 thousand rubles will be released, which is still more than 15-17 thousand, for which we have available Galaxy A51. But keep in mind that for this money you will buy a device that really has no competitors on the market today.

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