Live photos show that there will be nothing new in the Google pixel 5

There is less and less time before the release of the Google Pixel 5, and it's time to talk about real images and real photos of the novelty. They usually appear about three to four weeks before the release of the smartphone. This time the photos were a bit of a disappointment, since we expect from a smartphone that it can become some kind of iconic and even exceptional one. New live photos refute this and disappoint us a little. The design of the camera attracts the most attention. I don’t know about you, but I definitely wanted him to be different. These are not all claims to the appearance. I don't want to lose hope ahead of time, but there is a possibility that the new product will not meet our expectations. But, as one famous footballer used to say: “Your expectations are your problems.”

Google Pixel

Google Pixel always stands apart among Android – smartphones

What will be the Google Pixel 5

The photos that have appeared now really show what the new smartphone will be like. This is not the case when photographs may not correspond to reality and be something like a prototype or even fake. The smartphone is now ready. Perhaps the manufacturer will experiment with the colors of the case, the design of the box or the package for some time, but otherwise the smartphone must be ready, it cannot be otherwise less than a month before the presentation.

Many fantasized that the new smartphone will receive a completely new design, which has not been seen in other models before. In fact, it looks like the Google Pixel 4 and even the Google Pixel 4a.

These images appeared on Twitter, but the smartphone is still not one of those that go on sale. Although this is a ready-made sample, it is still for internal use and there is not even a logo on the back wall. Perhaps they are still experimenting with its location.

Although, for Google this is a common practice and they do not put their main logo on the internal copies. Something similar happened last year with the Pixel leaks. This is Google's approach.

Google Pixel 5 appearance

Anyway, let's talk about design first. From what we can see in the photos, the Pixel 5 will be made of polycarbonate (plastic). Maybe the case will be metal, but this is unlikely, especially considering the trends that have been set by the market.

Why else might Google need it? It's simple – for wireless charging. If the back wall is metal, then this charging method will simply not be possible. Glass could be used, but that's not the Google way. It's also just expensive for this smartphone, the price of which Google will try to keep as low as possible.

Pixel 5 photos

And here are the photos that leaked

In the corner there is a traditional-shaped camera module. It will not be round and will not shift somewhere to the side, for example, it will not stand in the center, as many renders predicted to us. But it is definitely worth saying thanks to Google for the fact that she did not drown for the camera zoom module and decided to stop at super-wideness. This option is much more convenient and useful. In the end, if you really need to zoom in on something, you can do it with a digital zoom, but you won't be able to zoom out.

In the photos you can see the traditional arrangement of the keys. The lock button is on the right side of the case, while the volume buttons are underneath. Many people find it more convenient when the power button is under the volume buttons, but here the opposite is true. But you can see that the back wall has a rounded shape on the sides. This usually makes it more comfortable to hold the smartphone in your hand and feels more compact and thinner.

Google Pixel 5 screen

Moving on to the front of the smartphone, you can see the very thin bezels, which at one time were a major problem with the Pixel in some previous generations. Now, it looks like things will be very modern. The camera is located in the hole and also looks very modern. Although, in such a place it is not the first time. Before that, a similar hole was on the Google Pixel 4a, which came out about a month ago.

The screen will not have the rounding, which some manufacturers continue to experiment with, and the speakers will be located under and above it, which should provide good stereo sound.

Pixel 5 concept

And I liked this concept. What do you think?

If you look more closely, you can see the model name on the smartphone screen and for some reason it is called Pixel 5s. Why exactly “s” is difficult to say yet, but most likely, such a symbol is used to designate a model 5G. It is assumed that the smartphone will be released in two versions – with the mmWave system 5G and without it.

When Google Pixel 5 comes out

The Google Pixel 5 is expected to be officially unveiled either in late September or early October, but the smartphone won't be on sale until October anyway.

It is expected to ship with a 64-bit Snapdragon 76 octa-core processor 5G. Rumors also hint at 8GB of RAM and OLED a high refresh rate display. We will find out more precise characteristics a little later, but for now, tell us in our Telegram chat what you think of it. Personally, I think that I would like something new, and the absence of a new design suggests that the company is not making a new chapter in its development out of the smartphone.

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