Should you buy the Galaxy S10 in 2020

Samsung smartphones are very cool. Despite the fact that I used to treat them with a little skepticism – largely because of the unreasonably high price against the background of Chinese devices – today I have practically no complaints about them. Not only did the Koreans start releasing a very cool Galaxy A line, they also extended the software support for the vast majority of smartphones from two to three years. Today, no manufacturer offers this on the market, except for Microsoft with its Surface Duo, but you need to understand where Samsung is, and where is Microsoft. However, forgetting about the flagships of the Koreans is clearly not worth it.

Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 is Samsung's best flagship of 2020

Lately, I've started to hear the question very often what to buy in 2020 – Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S20. In principle, the G20 is still pretty good even against the background of the newer and more futuristic G20. Therefore, at first I wanted to unconditionally choose last year's model. But then I decided to analyze some aspects and give a more detailed and, most importantly, a well-grounded answer, which may help someone make an informed choice.

Why the Galaxy S10 is better than the Galaxy S20

Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 would be great if the Galaxy S20 weren't so inexpensive

First, let's go over the advantages of the Galaxy S10, because of which I planned to advise you to buy it:

  • A curved display that makes the Galaxy S10 feel like a more expensive smartphone
  • Three years of software support, of which the Galaxy S10 has at least two more to receive;
  • Built-in heart rate monitor that allows you to measure your heart rate without additional equipment;
  • Functional content close to the Galaxy S20, because Samsung always releases updates for last year's flagships with the same innovations as for new products;
  • The Galaxy S10 is cheaper than the Galaxy S20. I will not focus on the numbers for now, but if you are looking for a cheaper smartphone, it would be better to take the Galaxy S10.

It is these arguments that I would give to a person, without a twinge of conscience, recommending a person choosing between the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10. Moreover, I did so at the beginning of this year, when the 'twenty' just went on sale. But today my opinion has changed dramatically just because of one factor, the name of which is the price. In February, when I wrote a post about why I would prefer the Galaxy S10 for myself over the Galaxy S20, I bet on last year's model, because I saw no reason to overpay 30 thousand rubles for a new product. But it's different today.

Why buy the Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 price

Galaxy S20 costs only 6 thousand rubles more expensive than Galaxy S10

Time passed and the Galaxy S20 fell in price to quite palatable 46 thousand rubles, while the Galaxy S10 remained at the level of 40 thousand. That is, the difference between them has decreased by almost 5 times today. Therefore, now, in my opinion, it is much better to pay in addition – mind you, I say to pay in addition, and not to overpay – 6 thousand rubles in order to get a more technically advanced and, importantly, a new device. After all, despite the fact that Samsung has extended the update period for its smartphones, a whole year for the market Android is quite a lot.

What are the benefits I see in the Galaxy S20:

  • Additional year of support and upgrade guarantee to Android 13;
  • More timely release of all subsequent updates;
  • More modern and productive hardware;
  • More capacious battery and, accordingly, longer operating time;
  • The new design, which, although used in inexpensive smartphones, is still more attractive than the Galaxy S10;
  • Higher camera resolution and additional shooting modes;
  • Support for more modern and faster wireless communication standards.

Perhaps some of the arguments that I gave in favor of the Galaxy S20 will seem far-fetched. But, in my opinion, it is worth it to throw in another 6 thousand rubles and get a newer and better device on all fronts, which, moreover, will last a whole year longer. Well, if you have 40 thousand rubles, I am more than sure that you can easily find additional 6 rubles. Otherwise, you should probably pay attention to something else. For example, Xiaomi Mi 10, which I just talked about recently.

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