Why I won't buy smartphones anymore Huawei

I don't buy new smartphones often. For example, my last device on Android served me for more than two years, and from the date of purchase of the current one is about to hit a year. Regular readers know that this is Honor View 20, which I got by trade-in for only 20 thousand rubles. And I got it, I must say, quite spontaneously. The battery of its predecessor gave a long life and I urgently needed something to replace it. The deteriorating relationship between Huawei and the US gave the Chinese company a good PR, and I jumped on the last car of the departing train. It is a pity that I will no longer travel the same route.

Why I won't buy smartphones anymore Huawei

Modern flagships Huawei are too compromise to buy at full price

When I bought my Honor View 20, I roughly understood what it entailed. The ban on the use of Google services on all smartphones Huawei then looked like a completely logical and natural outcome, but, fortunately, everything soon resolved and it became clear that the restrictive measures introduced by the United States only apply to new brand devices. Then Huawei I figured out how to get around the ban of the Americans, and began to produce devices with support for Google services. Well, let them be old smartphones, which slightly changed their appearance and assigned a new name – the main thing is that Huawei has found a way to live and develop. But it was not there.

New smartphones Huawei

Why I won't buy smartphones anymore Huawei

This is the flagship Huawei P40. It costs 70 thousand rubles

Pretty soon it became clear that re-releasing old devices on the tenth round is the same as a joke told several times in a row: the second time is no longer funny. Yes, recently the company has been quite active in new models, releasing three new lines one after another: Huawei Mate 30, Huawei P40 and Honor V30. They are equipped with the latest technology, equipped with the most advanced processors, top-end cameras and extensive functionality. But who needs them?

Not only did none of the new products Huawei receive support from Google services, but the company also broke prices for them that seem wild even to the owners iPhone. Not that I elevated smartphones Apple, but historically it so happened that these iPhone have always been expensive and inaccessible, and now for some reason everything has changed. No, Huawei have not gone anywhere from retail and you can still buy them, but personally I have no desire to do this for a number of reasons.

Disadvantages of smartphones Huawei

Why I won't buy smartphones anymore Huawei

I don’t know about you, but I simply feel sorry for paying 50-60 thousand rubles for a smartphone with so many drawbacks

  • Huawei does not support Google services, which means that it does not have access to Google Play, some popular applications like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook;
  • Some apps from AppGallery refuse to work on smartphones with Huawei Mobile Services, requiring access to Google Mobile Services;
  • Smartphones Huawei do not allow contactless payments with Google Pay;
  • Smartphones Huawei are very expensive, because, as for me, paying 60-70 thousand rubles for, in fact, a stripped-down device is the height of illogicality.

Of course, I know that Huawei tried to sweeten the pill and offered branded device users ways to get around the restrictions. For example, you can download Instagram from alternative sources in the form of an APK file, and contactless payments can be made using the 'Pay Wallet' service. But, frankly, these half-measures, which were taken in Huawei, cannot neutralize the difficulties that the owners of branded smartphones of the brand have to endure.

Should you buy Huawei in 2020

Why I won't buy smartphones anymore Huawei

Will get out Huawei from this story, it is unknown, but I will no longer buy smartphones of the brand

Let's explain it on my fingers. If I buy a smartphone for 20 thousand rubles in the midst of the conflict Huawei and the USA, I understand that I will have to endure some inconvenience. But I take this step deliberately, because they give me a good discount, and I support the company that Americans are drowning. However, if I buy a smartphone for 50-60 thousand rubles, I – sorry for the inappropriate comparison – acquire subjectivity and can demand the appropriate attitude from the manufacturer. In this case, I am offered to help under the guise of a continuing struggle Huawei, while she herself does not want to do anything for my comfort.

How do I know that nothing will change in the future? It's really simple here. First, Ren Zhenfei himself, CEO Huawei does not believe in the success of HarmonyOS, which was originally planned as a replacement Android. Well, if he understands that the company's affairs are bad, there is no point for us to play optimists either. Secondly, access to normal Android is closed for Huawei. Donald Trump recently extended the restrictive measures for another year. Well, since I change my smartphones about once every two years, then Huawei will definitely not be my next smartphone.

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