Which is better Android or Windows Phone?

Android and Windows background Buying a new device is always a headache for an ordinary user. The breadth of the assortment of the modern market can turn anyone's head and often, it is simply impossible to opt for one specific option. But first of all, the buyer needs to decide on the most suitable operating system for the future chosen one. Today there are three leaders – Apple, Microsoft and Google. The products Apple are quite expensive, so let's focus on the remaining two, more budget options. So, now you need to answer the question – which is better Android or Windows Phone?

In order to assess the capabilities of both systems as objectively as possible, it is necessary to make a comparison according to certain criteria.

Which is better Android or Windows Phone: Video

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Interface Android Interface Android
Interface Windows Phone Interface Windows Phone

The tiled interface of Windiows Phone may be very unusual in the first minutes of use, but users feel the same feeling at times when they first meet Android. Both platforms can be easily customized to suit your own tastes and preferences. From the outside, WP looks more stylish, but also clumsy system in comparison with the plastic Android. Therefore, in this round of the battle of android vs windows phone, it is extremely difficult to determine the winner.

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Applications Windows Phone

Applications Android

In this aspect, Android is seriously ahead. At the moment, the number of applications developed on Android is more than 1.2 million, and on WP – about 250 thousand. In addition, you can download applications to Android – the device can both from the Play Market and from third-party sources. And Windows Phone is a more closed system, so you can download applications only from the official resource.

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Which is better Android or Windows 8: Video

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Battery Windows Phone Battery Windows Phone
Battery Android Battery Android

Both systems have battery saver features. In addition, gadgets with these systems, in most cases, have rather powerful batteries, which compensates for the similar gluttony of the systems. Many may be put off by Android jokes about its ability to quickly drain the battery, however, these statements are too exaggerated.

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Update Android

Update Windows phone

Microsoft keeps a closer eye on its software, keeping it locked up, so to speak. Therefore, it is easier for a company to publish updates, unlike Google. Also, for example, when an update is released to Android, the company may leave behind some outdated models, but at the same time it is impossible to update the seventh version to the eighth on WP. The gradual 'withering away' of obsolete models can be considered a natural process, but at times it can cause a lot of problems for the user.

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Cloud storage

Google drive Google drive
Sky Drive Sky Drive

In this case, the comparison of platforms Windows Phone and Android is based on elementary numbers: Google Drive – $ 2 ($ 24 – a year) per month for 150 GB, Microsoft – $ 50 per year. But if you do not use this service, then you should pay attention to other aspects.

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Voice assistant

Voice Assistant Android

Voice Assistant Windows Phone

The direction in which both companies have been actively working in recent years. Google Now and Cortana have proven themselves very well among users. But it is the latter that has the ability to bind to individual applications, contacts and work pointwise, deeper than the brainchild Android.

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In general, if you do not download software from outside sources to your android gadget, then there should be no problems with its protection. As for WP, firstly, it, as already mentioned, is more closed, and secondly, it is less popular in business circles, and therefore less susceptible to virus attacks.

Safety Safety

In conclusion, it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is Android or Windows Background 8. For one user, WP will be more familiar, and for another it will suit Android. But if you highlight certain features for each platform, then Android has a lot of free applications, a loyal developer and a bunch of devices, but at the same time, the diversity in the models can sometimes make it slower and slightly 'laggy'. Windows Phone, in turn, is a fairly young system, but actively developing, and already has some really interesting features, for example, Cortana. Of the shortcomings, a small number of software and applications stands out, and stands out, so there is nowhere to turn around. The choice is yours.

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Which is better Android or Windows: Video

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