Which phone has the most complex design?

When buying a phone, many do not think about the things that are really important, and this includes maintainability. We purchase devices based on the quality of the camera, appearance and performance, but for some reason at this moment we do not think that phone repair can cost a lot of money, and in some cases it will be completely impossible. This situation affected the popular smartphone today, with which the guys from iFixit had serious problems.

Which phone has the most complex design?

The smartphone with the most complex design is named

This is, as some might have already guessed, about Motorola Razr. Earlier bloggers shared their opinion about the device. The device received only 1 point from iFixit. This is one of the worst indicators in history. Motorola The Razr is rightfully the most sophisticated smartphone. If you love the brand but don't want to bother with an expensive Razr, you can take a look at the company's recently unveiled stylus phone.

The phone turned out to be so difficult to repair and disassemble due to the fact that it offers consumers an unusual design. While older phones in the book form factor offered their owners removable batteries, in the case of the Razr we are talking about two batteries, one of which is located at the top of the device and attaches directly to the display itself. The second battery is located next to the motherboard. In total, we have a capacity of 2510 mAh, which, of course, will not be enough for such a display. This is probably why the phone uses the Snapdragon 710 and not the flagship 855, which has a higher power consumption.

How is the disassembly process going on?

First, the bottom part is separated, on which the fingerprint scanner is located. It is also a back cover, and a small fingerprint scanner cable is connected to it, which can be overlooked and easily ruined.

Which phone has the most complex design?

Removable fingerprint scanner

Next, iFixit removed the additional display: to do this, you will have to disconnect two cables connected to the motherboard. It is connected to the body with glue, so reinstalling it will be difficult.

Which phone has the most complex design?

Additional display detached

To remove the antenna module, it is necessary to unscrew a series of screws at the bottom, after which you also need to carefully disconnect the cable.

Which phone has the most complex design?

Disconnect the antenna module

The motherboard is connected to the case with four screws; to remove it, you will need to additionally disconnect two cables on the outside and three on the inside.

Which phone has the most complex design?

4 cables connected to the motherboard

The camera is located on a separate board, which is connected to the main board with a cable, it must also be carefully disconnected.

Which phone has the most complex design?

And this is a board with a camera

In addition, there is a magnet at the bottom that holds the display. It is connected to the body with several screws. Only then can you start detaching the display.

Which phone has the most complex design?

This part is responsible for fixing the display and has a built-in magnet

Which phone has the most complex design?

The display has a built-in battery

After that, you can admire the skeleton of the phone, which is based on a high-tech hinge.

Which phone has the most complex design?


Which phone has the most complex design?

Smartphone skeleton

Among the shortcomings, we can also note the fact that the board with the power connector is too close to the main motherboard, and in case of failure, it can damage the main board.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Which phone has the most complex design?

All details

Motorola Razr has undoubtedly turned out to be an extremely complex technical phone, and for the master it will become a real challenge due to the large number of barely noticeable connections, as well as the overall complexity of the entire structure and the large number of screws.

In order to replace the display in the Razr, you have to almost completely disassemble the entire body of the phone, which is still something to do.

It's interesting to know what you think about the Razr maintainability. Share your opinion in the comments and don't forget about our Telegram chat.

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