To hell with all of it! I went to buy iPhone SE 2.

This week we were shown a new iPhone second generation SE. Someone will say that this is another nonsense from Apple, but personally I do not think so at all. After all, this week we were shown the OnePlus 8, Honor 30 Pro and secretly lowered the prices for the Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 4. All this once again strengthened my idea that Apple I did everything right. From the modesty with which they showed a new gadget (just by opening it on the site), to what was included in it and what price they set for it. Considering that the year has just begun, I can already say that iPhone SE of the second generation or, as many call it, iPhone SE 2020, or simply iPhone SE 2 has become almost the most interesting gadget of the year.

To hell with all of it!  I went to buy iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2. New this week.

How much is iPhone SE 2

Even though this year we will have more Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Google Pixel 5 and many other smartphones, the new product cannot be ignored. Even the expected release iPhone 12 this fall (if the pandemic does not make its own adjustments) is not yet as interesting as this week's novelty.

This is due to the fact that all technically interesting new items on Android cost a little more than very expensive. I mean, paying more than $ 1,000 for a smartphone this year is too wasteful. Under normal conditions, such actions can still be understood, although the public's interest in something that only slightly exceeds its counterparts twice cheaper in cost has significantly decreased. Economic processes further contribute to this. Our editor-in-chief Renat Grishin agrees with me.

To hell with all of it!  I went to buy iPhone SE 2.

Smartphones of this brand have always been interesting. Now they are just expensive.

You don’t even have to say “look at the dollar rate”. The situation in the economy is not very good, not only in our country. Yes, it can still get better, but it still takes time and at least this year, in terms of unreasonably expensive purchases, we have already lost. And why, sitting in quarantine, buy an expensive smartphone. They won't be able to boast, and there is nowhere to use them, which has been proven by the latest research. Personally, I almost stopped using my smartphone, as I ended up in self-isolation.

Against this background of all this, the almost top-end iPhone for $ 399 looks much more interesting option than the OnePlus for $ 1,000 or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for $ 1,400. Especially considering his problems, which I personally am not ready to forgive him. It's one thing if this happens with a new phone and after a week or two they fix it, but when so much time passes, and users still don't stop complaining, then I'm sorry.

Why iPhone SE 2 is better than phones on Android

Smartphones on Android have always been good for their loyal policies. This applies to both the capabilities of gadgets and their cost, which before Apple could not compete in any way.

With the first, things have long been not so simple. If 10 years ago iOS it was a narrow-minded operating system that really could not do anything except functions “out of the box”, now everything has changed. Even the reliability issues that appeared at one time after the introduction of new features and the system became more open, are gone. Android on the contrary, in pursuit of security, in which he used to have a huge hole, he backed down a little and covered up some of the opportunities.

As a result, the systems met at some point where they turned out to be approximately equal in functionality. Sometimes some have something better, sometimes others, but the abyss that was 5-6 years ago is no longer there. You will say that smartphones with Android are cheaper. Until this week, I would agree with you.

iPhone SE 2 is NOT expensive

The new iPhone SE at $ 399 shows that the top iPhone can be inexpensive. Considering that for this amount you will get almost the same as in iPhone 11 Pro, except for a couple of extra camera modules, OLED – a screen (which not everyone likes) and a relatively frameless screen, the price seems to be something amazing. At the same time, the fingerprint scanner, which many loved so much, returned. We are not talking about the amount of RAM now, since it is so unimportant for iOS that Apple never even says how much there is in iPhone and iPad.

Android smartphones for this money offer about the same, but, for example, the processor of Cupertin's novelty will be much more preferable. After all, this is Apple A13, which is installed in iPhone 11 Pro. Let me remind you that according to the results of many tests, it is even better than the Snapdragon 865.

It turns out that the new product from Apple loses to smartphones on Android for about the same money only in a slightly outdated design, from which Apple moved away two years ago. But that's what design is for, to be a matter of taste. A lot of people like it, and the Google Pixel has large frames too. Even if they are slightly less than in iPhone SE 2.

To hell with all of it!  I went to buy iPhone SE 2.

Can a $ 1,400 smartphone perform poorly? Of course, if it's the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Why buy iPhone SE 2020

In the end, I make one single conclusion. Android – smartphones are really very inexpensive, but very cheap models work exactly like budget smartphones. Something at a premium usually only offers one good feature. For example, a good camera or a good processor are rare who develop a smartphone as a whole. There are, of course, exceptions, but, as a rule, in the second or third generation they start to cost very much. Apple is a balanced smartphone.

Apple was able to throw away all unnecessary, set a normal price tag and make a smartphone that you really want to buy. An additional factor that led me to believe that this device fits perfectly into the world of smartphones is that people who buy a gadget for years and are chasing technical specifications, and not just buy a dialer, are aiming for the $ 300-500 range. . Those who have come to terms with the $ 1,000+ price tag will clearly be looking at something more affordable this year. In the end, by rolling out iPhone for $ 399, the company Apple did more than just inexpensive iPhone. It dealt a serious blow to all Android smartphones – some will add and buy iPhone, while others will exchange their old flagship for a new one from Apple with almost no surcharge.

I am also very interested in this device and want to buy it. I'm tired of choosing the amount of RAM that Android will still gobble up and not choke, and remember the features of the processors. I want to buy a smartphone that I can just use. So, to hell with everything! As soon as it becomes possible to order iPhone SE 2 in Russia, I will definitely do it. Maybe later I'll regret it, but now that's what I want.

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