How to renew support Android, or How long your smartphone can actually be updated

We, users Android, have long been accustomed to the fact that our smartphones will be updated for two years at best. After this period, support will cease, and even the once top flagship will become a hopeless device, which in the secondary market is unlikely to want to buy at a discount of 50-70% of the original price. But can there be any claims? Everyone is well aware that technical limitations do not allow manufacturers to continue support for more than two years. True, for some reason, third-party developers have not heard anything about them.

How to renew support Android, or How long your smartphone can actually be updated

Two years of updates? It's a shame and a shame

The Replicant development team, dedicated to adapting new versions Android for older smartphones, was able to port Android 10 to the Galaxy S3. According to them, the large age difference did not negatively affect the performance of the device. Despite the fact that this year the smartphone is already 8 years old, this did not become a hindrance to – albeit unofficial – updating to the current version of the operating system. After all, the Galaxy S3 is too old a device for which the last available update was Android 4.4.3 Jelly Bean.

Android 10 for Galaxy S3

How to renew support Android, or How long your smartphone can actually be updated

Galaxy S3 can work properly with Android 10, albeit with a few caveats

The main problem with the Galaxy S3 is not its age, but the frankly weak hardware. The hardware base of the smartphone is a 2-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and the amount of RAM is only 1 GB. However, even this did not become an obstacle to launch on a smartphone Android 10. As the developers themselves explained, they abandoned the use of Google services in order to reduce the load. Therefore, in order not to leave the device without an application catalog, it was decided to use the F-Droid. That is, from this we can conclude that the main load is provided by Google Mobile Services, although this information has not been officially confirmed.

But what is known for sure is about overclocking Android 10 using the Lima driver. This is a custom driver that powers the Mali 400 series GPUs. With its help, the developers managed to improve the performance of the hardware component of the Galaxy S3 and make it process all incoming commands as efficiently as possible. As a result, if the enthusiasts are to be believed, it turned out to be something that can be used even in 2020, without straining too much about the available hardware.

Renew update Android

How to renew support Android, or How long your smartphone can actually be updated

The old Galaxy S3 has confirmed it can work with Android 10. So your Galaxy S8 could also

The very fact that the developers – albeit with outside help – managed to port Android 10 to the Galaxy S3 already arouses genuine respect and the question: why don't manufacturers do the same with their smartphones? After all, if it's only a matter of optimization, then you can try to increase the period of software support. I understand that support for 8 years is really overkill. Still, during this time, technologies have changed a lot and really become obsolete. However, it is most likely possible to increase the renewal period by at least two times – up to 4 years.

Indeed, judging by it, there are no obstacles to extending software support. Manufacturers may have to mess around a bit and rewrite a little more code and spend a little more debugging and testing steps. However, in this case, they are guaranteed to get the opportunity to extend the relevance of their smartphones, which consumers will buy much more willingly if they know that their gadget will not turn into a pumpkin after two years, but will last at least four.

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