Transfer of applications from Android to Android will appear on Google play

How do I download the app? If you use a smartphone on Android, there are many more ways available to you than owners of iPhone. In addition to Google play , you can use alternative directories, download software in the form of APK files, run 'fast' versions of the necessary programs without installing, or, for example, copy applications from one device to another using special utilities like Phone Clone. In general, there are quite a few ways to get access to the software you need, even with restrictions. But Google intends to offer another one.

Google play

Google Play will have built-in app sharing

Google is working on a new Google Play feature that will allow users to transfer apps from one device to another even without an internet connection. Its essence is to allow users to share the already downloaded software with those who need it, if they do not have the opportunity to connect to the directory right now. The main condition is that one of the opponents already have this program at home. In this case, he can simply take and share it with his neighbor.

How to transfer apps to Android

Google Play

The application can only be transferred between smartphones with Google Play. That is, Huawei will not work here

By and large, the application transfer function is an adapted version of Nearby Sharing technology, since it uses exactly the same protocols as a basis. These are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, but in the case of Google Play, NFC will also be used, which is rather strange, given the very low range of the technology. They do not require an Internet connection to establish pairing, and they themselves lay a dedicated network between compatible devices. As a result, data transfer occurs at fairly high speeds.

Despite the fact that while the application transfer function is in beta testing and is not available to a wide audience of users, it is already known how it will work:

  • Launch Google Play and go to the context menu with a swipe from the left edge of the screen;

Application management

Transferring an application from Android to Android can be quite easy and simple

  • In the list of available options, go to 'My apps and games' – 'Manage apps';
  • Select the application you want to transfer and click 'Send';

Application transfer

You can transfer the application even without the Internet

  • On another device, go to Google Play – 'My apps and games' – 'Manage apps' and confirm acceptance.

Exchange applications between phones

Google Play

If I were Google, I would not allow the transfer of paid applications, so as not to lose in revenue

It is not yet very clear whether it is possible to transfer all applications in this way or only some specific ones. For example, nothing is known about the volume limits. Logically, they should not be, given that the transfer via Nearby Sharing occurs in a matter of seconds due to high speeds. As for the paid software, there may be questions. I would have expected Google to only allow free apps to be transferred, while not allowing paid apps to be transferred. Indeed, in this case, she loses 30% in the form of a commission, which the second user does not pay.

Will the application transfer feature be popular? Most likely, yes, but clearly not in everyday use. Still, most of the time we have access to high-speed Internet and can download the necessary applications ourselves. Another thing is being in a situation where there is basically no connection to the Network: on a train, on an airplane or in a forest. Then you can activate this innovation and give your fellow traveler a program that he does not have, for example, to play something together or work on a document or presentation.

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