How Google Assistant helps me every day. Useful commands

I have been actively using the Google Assistant for a long time, and therefore every update that expands its functionality, I take very close to my heart. The opportunity to get money back for the wrongly purchased software, reading out loud text on open web pages, voice control of the interface in Google Chrome – all this at one time made me very happy. However, I understand perfectly well that you are unlikely to have to return applications to Google Play every day, so I decided to compile a selection of the most popular questions that I ask the Assistant myself. Perhaps they will be useful to you too.

How Google Assistant helps me every day.  Useful commands

Google Assistant is very convenient for daily use

What OK Google Can Do

Google Assistant is very date oriented, unlike me. Therefore, thanks to him, I do not open the calendar at all, referring exclusively to it. Google Assistant knows perfectly well which day of the week falls on a certain date, how many days are left until a particular event, and also has an excellent memory and can remember the birthdays of your loved ones if you have problems with this. Here are the commands for this topic:

How Google Assistant helps me every day.  Useful commands

If you have questions, you can address them to the Google Assistant.

  • Ok Google, how many days are left until New Years? (can be replaced with any other holiday)
  • Ok Google, what's the date in 30 days?
  • Ok Google, remind me to congratulate grandma on her birthday on August 30
  • Ok Google, what day of the week is January 1st, 2034?

OK Google currency converter

Google Assistant is not only well versed in dates, but also in values, perfectly translating one into another. He doesn't care what it will be: money, distance, weight, or anything else. The assistant will make calculations with maximum accuracy based on the latest data, which is very important when transferring currencies.

How Google Assistant helps me every day.  Useful commands

Google Assistant counts very well

  • Ok Google, how many grams are in 13 ounces?
  • Ok Google, how much is $ 3348 in yuan?
  • Ok Google, how many tablespoons are there in one cup?
  • Ok Google, how many millimeters are there in 24 kilometers?

OK Google how to count

Google Assistant has a built-in calculator and can solve simple math problems. Of course, he is still a long way from the quadratic equations that Google Lens solves, but addition, subtraction and multiplication are very good for him. I remember this way, for example, I was calculating how many dollars I should pay in a Turkish restaurant, where prices were indicated in lira. If not for the Google Assistant, I admit that I could have been deceived, but, fortunately, this did not happen. True, here it is better to formulate requests in the simplest possible language:

How Google Assistant helps me every day.  Useful commands

Google Assistant makes it easy to calculate taxes

  • Ok Google, 321 minus 18%
  • Ok Google, split 556 by 1.5
  • Ok Google, how many dozen are in two thousand

OK Google Commands

Despite the fact that computing is clearly a strong point of the Google Assistant, I also use it to search for other information. For example, thanks to his high awareness, he is able to search for very specific information such as phone numbers of various organizations, public transport that goes in one direction or another (does not work everywhere) and even shows an up-to-date summary of coronavirus infections.

How Google Assistant helps me every day.  Useful commands

Google Assistant helps you avoid missing your flight

  • Ok Google, tell me the departure time
  • Ok Google, how many people are infected with coronavirus in Russia?
  • Ok Google, what kind of transportation goes to the city center?
  • Ok Google, find the Pension Fund phone number
  • Ok Google translate into Russian What did you do las night

As you can see, the functionality of the Google Assistant is quite extensive, which makes it one of the best, if not the best, voice assistant today. Yes, there is also Alice from Yandex, who has a more pleasant and humanized voice, and she works much better with services popular in Russia. Nevertheless, if you prefer to use the voice assistant on your smartphone, rather than on the speaker, much better in this sense would be the Google Assistant, which at least can be called by voice, unlike Alice, which must be activated manually whenever you want to contact her.

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