Google will add advanced caller ID to Android

Google's vast capabilities allow it to do things that many of its competitors can only dream of. If you remember, it was she who was the first to implement portrait photography with a single camera, improved digital stabilization so much that it became no worse than optical stabilization, and taught the smartphone to recognize gestures in the air. I'm not even talking about the well-functioning system of combating spam and unwanted messages, which are successfully used in branded mail and SMS clients from Google. The only thing left is to integrate a normal caller ID into the calls application for Android.

Google will add advanced caller ID to Android

Google will have its own phone number identifier

Google is currently working on an advanced numbering feature that will become part of the Phone app for Android. And its advancement lies in the fact that it will be able to determine not only the identity of the phone number from which the call comes, but also the purpose of the call. This will allow users to know in advance who is calling them and, most importantly, why, so that, based on the information available, they can decide whether to answer an incoming call or it is better to ignore it and not pick up the phone.

Caller ID for Android

Google will add advanced caller ID to Android

Verified calls will allow you to determine not only the belonging of numbers, but also the purpose of the call

In order to implement this feature, Google has launched the 'Verified Calls' campaign, which plans to collect information on hundreds of thousands of establishments and businesses. Moreover, data collection will be carried out not in a passive mode, but in an active one. That is, companies themselves will be able to go through the so-called verification procedure, encouraging Google to enter them into its database. Verification data will include information about the direction of activity of companies, their phone numbers, possible purposes of calls and other related information.

As a result, when the user receives a commercial call, the entire necessary range of data will be displayed on the screen of his smartphone, which will allow him to decide whether to answer the call or not. In addition to the number, the Phone application will display the name of the company, for example, Rostelecom and the purpose of the call, for example, installing a router. All calls from verified companies will be recorded on Google's servers for verification, and after the end of the conversation, they will be deleted in order to ensure the safety of users.

Caller ID from Yandex

Google will add advanced caller ID to Android

Yandex also has a caller ID, which, in my opinion, works even more efficiently than what Google offers

Of course, the development of Google deserves respect, but Russian Yandex has already implemented something similar for a long time. The domestic search engine did not force companies to undergo verification, but used the crowdsourcing model. That is, it allowed users to create a database of incoming calls themselves. The result is about the same, but better. Not only has the Yandex application learned to determine the ownership of numbers, but at some point it had the ability to warn about the purpose of the call. Let's say, delivery of goods, advertising of banking services, or just an unwanted call.

In my opinion, the methodology chosen by Yandex is more preferable than that of Google. Therefore, by the way, I myself use a domestic solution. After all, it is logical that the scammers will not be verified by the search giant, and the crowdsourcing model, which allows people to determine the ownership of numbers themselves, makes it possible to add cases of calls from scammers to the database and warn all subsequent users about them. The output is the most informative and, which is important, practically inexpensive number identification system, which does not involve the active participation of commercial companies.

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