How to transfer apps to smartphones Huawei without Google Play

Despite the fact that Huawei has been developing AppGallery for a long time and quite successfully, it is still unable to compete with Google Play. After all, the range of Google's own app store over the years of its existence has grown so much that even the App Store will be difficult to compete with it, not to mention everyone else. But if the directory Apple contains all the main programs that are used by the majority, then AppGallery suffers from the lack of obvious demand leaders like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and others. But this does not mean that there is no way to get them.


AppGallery doesn't contain many popular apps, but that's not a problem

If you've been using Android for any length of time, you probably know that the easiest way to download an app that you don't officially have access to is to download the APK file. An efficient process, but not the most convenient one for me. After all, in addition to the obvious risk of stumbling upon malware, you also clog your device with an installation component that almost no one removes after the actual installation. As a result, there can be so many of them that they will occupy a fair amount of storage. Therefore, I propose an alternative way.

How to clone applications to Huawei

It is simply to clone applications from the memory of one device to another. To some, this method will seem contradictory in terms of convenience, but if you are moving from an old smartphone to a smartphone Huawei, there can be no better way.

  • Install the Phone clone app on both smartphones;
  • Launch Phone Clone on the donor device and select it as the old device;

Phone Clone

You can clone apps using the Phone Clone app

  • Do the same on the new device and select the type of donor device;

Transferring applications

You can transfer not only applications, but also any other data

  • Scan the QR code that appeared on the old one with the new device;
  • Select the apps you want to transfer and wait for the process to complete.

App cloning is quite an official function that is supported by most smartphones not only on Android, but also on iOS. Therefore, you can not worry that you will install some kind of defective version of the program. Another thing is that along with the application itself, all its data that was stored on the donor device will be transferred. This means that for security purposes, it is best to use either a smartphone that belongs to you personally or someone you trust unconditionally for cloning.

Transferring data to Huawei

Cloning applications

Phone Clone is a very handy thing for transferring content from an old smartphone to a new one

Despite the fact that Phone Clone allows you to clone any applications to smartphones Huawei without Google Play, regardless of whether they are available in AppGallery or not, you need to understand that some of them cannot work without Google Mobile Services. This is a special software basis, which is contained in the firmware Android – smartphones licensed by Google and is absent in all new devices Huawei and Honor. Therefore, do not be surprised that some types of software simply will not start as a result of cloning.

By the way, in this way you can clone not only applications, but also any other data. Personally, when I moved to my Honor View 20, thanks to Phone Clone I transferred all the installed software, of course, except for the regular one, and contacts, and SMS messages, and calendars data, not to mention photos, videos and everything else. Therefore, if you change your smartphone to a new one, there is no need to interrupt all the data manually – you can simply transfer it in a matter of seconds without the slightest loss.

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