There are pictures that display Android – smartphones out of order

I have witnessed many times how users Android make jokes about iOS, which can be disabled by the so-called 'death message'. This is nothing more than a character from some rarely used alphabet, the appearance of which does not coincide with the well-known iOS Unicode characters. As a result, the application hangs, restarts or completely blocks the application through which the malicious message was transmitted. Despite obvious imperfections Android, nothing like this has ever happened on this OS. However, if Android cannot be killed with a letter, this does not mean that it cannot be killed by anything.

There are pictures that display Android - smartphones out of order

Android cannot be broken by message. And the picture is always welcome

Users Android drew attention to the fact that installing the picture below on the desktop leads to the fact that the smartphone begins to behave strangely, actually failing. The strangeness lies in the periodic switching on and off of the device, which makes it physically impossible to continue using it. Rebooting and forcibly turning off the device does not help either, because after turning it back on, its screen starts blinking again, preventing use.

Why does android restart on its own

There are pictures that display Android - smartphones out of order

Do not try to install this image on your smartphone

Apparently, the problem affects almost all devices and may not depend on the brand. This allows us to conclude that the cause of the failure lies in Android. Moreover, the version of the operating system does not matter much here, because smartphones running Android 10, Android 9 and even Android 6 begin to behave strangely. But Pixel 4 based on the fourth build Android 11 Developer Preview has no such problems. Installing the image does not harm it and does not provoke any reboots or screen flickering.

A quick analysis of the situation showed that some smartphones do have built-in protection. For example, a number of owners of OnePlus and Huawei devices noted that setting an image as the desktop screensaver and lock screen did not provoke any changes in their work. This could indicate that the vendors themselves figured out the bug causing the crash and fixed it without waiting for Google to release a hotfix. Nevertheless, it is not yet necessary to speak with 100 percent certainty about which smartphones are protected from failure and which are not.

Pictures on Android

Developer Dylan Russell decided to study the nature of the failure and analyzed the image itself. As a result, he found out that it's all about the peculiarities of working Android with color spaces. This particular picture uses the RGB color space and the operating system only works with sRGB by default, Russell explained. And due to the fact that all OS versions up to Android 10, inclusive, cannot convert the color space automatically, a crash occurs. Therefore, Android 11 with the conversion function and iPhone with DCI-P3 have no such problems.

This is very valuable information, as there are actually many more than one image in RGB color space. Thus, there remains the possibility that some of the users will encounter a failure again due to the inability Android to perform the automatic conversion. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, it is recommended not to simply download pictures from the Internet, but to use specialized directories like Google Wallpaper, which are available on Google Play.

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