Google postponed Android 11 for a full month

Nearly all corporations have gone awry this year. But while some like Apple tried to hide it from consumers as much as possible, others like Google could not. As a result, the search giant was forced to basically cancel Google I / O, refusing to move it online, and replace the offline presentation of the next version Android with a live broadcast on YouTube. It would seem that everything is within the framework of the current situation in the world, but Google under the guise of simply postponing the launch of Android 11 for a whole month.

Google postponed Android 11 for a full month

Android 11 probably won't be out until October

Despite the fact that Google has not officially announced a release date Android 11, the company has extended the Developer Preview Program for a full month. As a result, the public beta of the update will not be released in May, as it usually happened, but in June. Few people paid attention to this, since not many users usually take part in beta testing Android. Therefore, most, as a rule, do not care how many test builds have come out to date. They are only interested in the launch day of the final version.

Beta Android 11

When we planned the release of Android 11, we did not expect the events that will take place in the world and will affect almost all regions of the world. This forces us to make adjustments to our work, to look for new ways of communication and collaboration. This is especially true for our community of developers who create updates to operating systems. In order not to instill in users false confidence in the early launch Android 11, we decided to slightly change the schedule for the release of test versions, – said in Google.

As you can see, Google does not directly say about the shift in the release date of the release version Android 11, limiting itself only to mentioning the launch date of the public beta build. This may give the impression that, despite the extension of the pre-testing program, the release may take place at about the same time, as always – in early September. However, I personally would not be so sure. After all, I said last month that I admit a shift in the launch dates Android 11, given the complexity of OS development in a remote environment.

When will Android 11 come out

Google postponed Android 11 for a full month

Pixel 5 will be the first smartphone with Android 11. For once

What, then, can you count on? It’s quite obvious to me that Google is not extending the pretest program at this time to shorten the public beta test. Most likely, the second stage of testing Android 11 will be extended by a month, or even a little more. Therefore, I would bet that the update will be released in early – mid-October. This makes sense, since then the new 'pixels' of 2020 will be the first smartphones to run Android 11, which hasn't happened in recent years.

Will the delay in launching Android 11 have any negative impact on Google or the proliferation of the operating system itself? Personally, I think not. In the end, users Android are used to the fact that updates, even monthly security patches, are a real rarity that many cannot count on in principle. Therefore, it is clearly not worth expecting that users will rebel and begin to migrate en masse to iOS, which, by the way, may also be delayed.

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