Android 11 Developer Preview – What's New

Google has a very strange tradition that is difficult to grasp. Instead of first presenting a new version Android and then launching a beta test, the search giant is doing exactly the opposite. As a result, the test version of the update comes out in February, and the official event dedicated to the analysis of all the innovations and features of the update takes place only in May. Because of this, all the changes that have occurred with the operating system, users have to look for themselves, not counting on the help of Google. However, in the case of Android 11, this task turned out to be quite feasible.

Android 11 Developer Preview - What's New

The first beta build Android 11 is out now, but only available on Pixel smartphones starting with the second generation

When I saw the list of all the innovations found so far Android 11, I thought that someone from Google developers should definitely read our site. After all, some of the new functions that were added to the update were described by us as wishes for a future version of the operating system long before the release of the first beta build. But, be that as it may, the main thing is that they appeared, and it doesn't matter at all from whose submission. In the end, it cannot be ruled out that the thoughts of advanced users about the shortcomings of the platform intersect, and, as a result, become the basis for such updates as this.

New Features Android 11

Android 11 Developer Preview - What's New

Android 11 contains quite a few innovations, many of which have been asking for a long time

  • Screenshot of the entire page;
  • Native screen recording function;
  • Auto-enable night theme depending on the time of day;
  • Scoped Storage (placing each application in separate memory cells);
  • The ability to give the application a one-time permission to access the location;
  • History of incoming notifications;
  • The ability to customize the gesture 'back';
  • Possibility to pin up to 4 applications to the 'Share' menu;
  • Reverse charging support for Pixel 5;
  • Airplane mode does not disable Bluetooth.

Not a bad list of innovations, isn't it? But personally, I am especially pleased with the appearance of at least three of them. This is, of course, the ability to create swipeable screenshots, which will allow you to get images of the entire web page or the entire chat, the notification history, which allows you to see missed notifications from applications even if you accidentally closed them, and the screen recording function. I don’t know about you, but I have such a need quite often. Of course, you can use third-party software with the appropriate functionality, but, you see, it is much more convenient if the desired feature is available in the system by default.

Nearby Sharing at Android

Obviously, this is an incomplete list of all the innovations Android 11. Some of them are yet to be discovered, and some will appear with the release of the next beta versions of the update. There will be three of them in total, and they, apparently, will be released approximately once a month, adding new functions to the operating system. We just have to find them, especially since some innovations in Android 11 never appeared. For example, the ability to record a telephone conversation or, say, support for the technology of wireless data transfer between compatible Nearby Sharing devices, which has been talked about a lot lately.

Android 11 will be released this spring. Google will make an official launch launch event at Google I / O 2020, which will take place from May 12 to May 14. First Android 11 will receive smartphones from the Google Pixel line, then, probably, OnePlus and Nokia devices, and then everyone else. The issue of updating devices Huawei remains open, which has not been releasing monthly security updates even for flagship smartphones for several months, and therefore whether it will agree with Google to provide the source code Android 11 is not yet clear.

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