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Download manager For organizing files, various managers have long been invented that organize them and help prevent the internal memory from turning into a trash can. As high-speed mobile internet spread rapidly, one type of software that was previously only found on computers came to phones.

These are download managers that help organize the process of downloading files from the Internet in the most convenient way. We will tell about the best of them further.

Download Manager by Magdalm

An excellent program to manage and organize your downloads on your phone. There are several additional features such as downloading entire folders from FTP servers while preserving the entire internal directory structure.

Download Manager

There are two tabs here – 'Download folder' and 'Downloads', which are responsible for the two most frequently used functions of the program. The first has a convenient directory and file viewer with the ability to create new folders.

File Viewer

The second tab has a button for adding a link to start downloading and displays all active downloads with the ability to manage them.

Completed downloads

If the site supports resume from its servers, if the connection is broken, you can pause a certain file, and after the connection is restored, continue from the same place.

Add download

The application's settings are quite sparse, but they are enough to control the bootloader.

Application settings

Here you can set the notification behavior, change the path to downloaded files, and customize the behavior of xrefs. They can be opened both in a third-party browser and in an internal one. The folders available for storing downloaded files can be located both in the internal memory of the device, and in the external – SD-card or flash drive connected via OTG.


  • Stable work – the application is not unloaded from RAM due to a rather high priority in the scheduler Android.
  • Ease of customization.
  • Flexibility in working with files.
  • Ability to save the tree of subdirectories when uploading.


  • Machine Russification, menus and settings are not fully translated.

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Download Manager for Android by Renkmobil

A very versatile application, the list of functions of which is not limited to a simple download manager. Allows you to log in to various services and manage content downloads from them. So from Wikipedia, it will allow you to save articles for reading in a separate folder, from Facebook – whole photo albums, and with Dailymotion (the French analogue of RuTube) – videos. There is also the possibility of multiple downloads from Pinterest (social network), which adds a few points to the application.

Download Manager for Android

There are convenient shortcuts for all supported services, redirecting either to the authorization form in them, or to their interface opened in the internal browser.

At the top there is a URL input field from which you need to download the file, clicking on it displays the following pop-up window:

Download file

Here, before starting the download, you can change all of its most important parameters – the place where the file will be saved, the option for multiple downloads, login information for your account – authorization on the site (since some sites provide temporary links to downloaded files for unauthorized users ).

The file manager looks absolutely standard and can sort the contents of the phone by type.

File manager

There is also a built-in music player that plays any audio files and has a minimalistic interface.

Audio player

Let's consider further the main settings of the application:

  • Set folder to save all downloads.
  • Clear the download list without deleting the files.
  • Clear playlist – clears the list of playing music (files are not deleted).
  • Load completed sound. When the download is complete, the user will hear a beep.
  • Mobile communication – download files not only via Wi-Fi, but also via mobile communication (watch the traffic!)
  • In the browser settings, you can clear your browsing history, set anonymous mode and disable JavaScript (so that scripts are not executed on the site – this is necessary for security).



  • Very versatile.
  • There is a good file explorer.
  • Built-in browser and music player.
  • Convenient management.


  • Not found.

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Advanced Download Manager

A good application with a nice and user-friendly interface designed to fit as many controls as possible on one screen. Supports resume and smart download, which determines the availability of a file in parts. Torrent clients work on a similar principle.

The main window is quite minimalistic and focused on the current download queue with the ability to add new ones using the button at the bottom of the screen.

Advanced Download Manager

In the 'Completed' tab, all past downloads are placed, forming a convenient history of using the application. Management is carried out by two side menus.

The left one allows you to configure the download process – the number of processor threads allocated for this task, the location of the files and the maximum speed. It is also possible to enable or disable automatic renewal. Here you can also configure notifications that come to the curtain. At the bottom there are three buttons – exit the application, its parameters and launch the internal browser.

Left menu

The right menu serves to sort files by type and current downloads by degree of completion.

Sort downloads

Application settings:

  • Upload – manage all file upload options. You can even customize stream sizes in kilobytes and error limits.
  • Notifications – control over the information that is displayed in the curtain.
  • Scheduler is quite powerful tool for automatic scheduled downloads. Even the behavior of some system resources is tuned.
  • Automation – even more advanced settings for user-friendliness.
  • Cataloging – Automatic sorting of all uploaded items into categories.
  • Window above windows – options for displaying a special notification that will always be displayed in the foreground.
  • Interface – the most detailed customizer for the appearance of the application.
  • Browser – settings for the built-in page viewer. You can enable the display of special content and even download the full page as in the PC version.
  • Data – the ability to transfer the download history and the application settings themselves to another device.

Application settings


  • There are many possibilities.
  • Good customization.
  • Resume support.
  • There is a possibility to automate processes.
  • Functional internal browser.


  • No.

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IDM – Download Accelerator

A simple program that can download any content from supported sites – images, videos, music. To do this, you only need the URL of the desired file and the browser built into the application.

To get started, you either need to paste the link into the address bar or click on the 'plus' button at the bottom of the screen. All download methods can be found by tapping 'How to download' on the main screen.

IDM - Download Accelerator

After clicking on the 'plus', a pop-up window appears where you can insert a link.

Add download

The application has quite a few settings. The item “General” allows you to change the theme and download location, “Downloading” – to configure download parameters such as speed and blocking of the process when Wi-Fi is turned off.

Application settings


  • Downloads securely and quickly.
  • The interface is minimalistic but comfortable.


  • Few settings and customization.

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It looks simple, but at the same time highly customizable application, the perfect balance between a beginner's tool and an experienced user. All detailed settings are hidden behind a separate item, and without them everyone can use this manager.

The main screen of the program is empty. By clicking on the 'plus', the download parameters window appears – an external link with the ability to quickly paste from the clipboard, the assigned name, the path to files and the connection that is preferable to use for downloading (wi-fi, mobile network).

Download the file from the link

The side menu stores sorting options, browser launch buttons, settings and sleep mode.


The default settings include only a minimal set – a change of theme, the choice of preferred connections (Wi-Fi or mobile network) and the allocated number of threads for the download process. If this is not enough for the user, he can activate the advanced options by checking the box next to 'More settings'.

Application parameters

Then the blocks will become available:

  • Download logic – management of automation and energy saving, behavior when the connection is broken.
  • User Agent line – setting the internal browser and the data that is sent from it to external sites.
  • Schedule – Automation of application launch and downloads from specific sites.
  • Auto-add and Intercept links – the behavior of the program when opening new addresses in the browser.
  • Automation – detecting the file type and reassigning it to a separate folder for faster navigation.


  • Perfect app for beginners and experienced users.
  • Many settings.
  • Reliable download.


  • Advertising.

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