Do you have a smartphone Xiaomi? Do not try to update!

Probably, each of us at least once faced one or another problem when updating our smartphones. Most often, as practice shows, a negligent approach to the design of updates is reflected in the owners iPhone, but from time to time, users Android also report flaws in the latest OS versions. But if bugs are usually distributed between smartphones of different brands more or less evenly, then lately there has been an impression that someone jinxed Xiaomi, because the owners of branded devices of the Chinese brand began one by one complaining about scorching.

Do you have a smartphone Xiaomi?  Do not try to update!

Updates are evil. At least for users Xiaomi

This week Xiaomi released Android 10 for the budget Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. This smartphone belongs to a special range of devices released under the Android One program. They work out of the box based on the stock version Android and do not require adaptation MIUI, unlike all other devices, so, logically, there should be no problems with updating them. But, here's the paradox, this is not the first case, because a week earlier it became known that Xiaomi issued and immediately recalled Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi A3 due to an abundance of flaws that are incompatible with stable work.

Why not update Xiaomi

Do you have a smartphone Xiaomi?  Do not try to update!

Xiaomi already have 6 smartphones experiencing problems due to the update

The problem seems to be quite common, with complaints about the crash appearing on many online platforms, including the official tech support forum Xiaomi, the Reddit portal, the XDA forum, and social networks like Twiter and Weibo. According to some Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite users who faced the problem, their smartphones were stuck in a reboot cycle. At the same time, others note that the devices simply turned off and do not allow you to do any manipulations with them, including entering into recovery mode to roll back to a stable assembly of the operating system.

DO NOT UPDATE !!! ANDROID 10 WILL TURN YOUR Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite INTO A BRICK !!! I read such a warning before updating, but decided that it would not affect me and installed it. As a result – Xiaomi damn you – my smartphone just stopped turning on after the final reboot applying update changes. I have already found a lot of reviews that Android 10 breaks Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. Therefore, do not hope that it will blow your way, but rather just wait for the release of a stable build, '' wrote one of the Reddit users.

What smartphones Xiaomi

But the funniest thing in this situation is that problems haunt not only the owners Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and Mi A3, but also smartphones of other lines. At the moment, there are at least 6 devices of the Chinese brand that have encountered various problems as a result of updates. Moreover, some of them work on the basis of the firmware MIUI. Here they are:

  • Xiaomi Mi A3
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T
  • Xiaomi Mi 10
  • Pocophone F1

Not all devices from this list turn into bricks. For example, Xiaomi Mi 9T suffers from premature battery discharge, which after the update began to work 30-40% less than before. Owners of Xiaomi Mi 9 faced unexpected reboots due to setting a black background on their desktop splash screen. And Xiaomi Mi 10, oddly enough, just took it and 'died', refusing to respond to user actions after installing the update MIUI number 20.3.4. At the same time, she has not yet proposed any corrections in either one or the other, or in the third case Xiaomi.

The smartphone reboots endlessly. What to do

What now? If you have not had time to update yet, then it is better to try to avoid it further, regardless of the smartphone model you are using. Practice shows that owners of any devices can face problems – even flagships, even state employees. Well, if you have already updated and your smartphone has turned into a brick, you have no choice but to contact the Russian office Xiaomi by phone 8-800-775-66-15 or contact the nearest service center . Let's hope they won't refuse help there.

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