The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

While OnePlus Nord is just starting to get to the mass buyer, I thought about who can be considered not only its main competitors, which I already talked about, but those smartphones that can simply be compared with it and called its alternatives. Here the circle is usually a little wider and you can name more models. Each of them is good in its own way, but also raises its own questions. One thing is clear for sure – by the combination of price, equipment, popularity of usability and other parameters, they are drawn to be compared with a novelty. In the end, you will have the opportunity to disagree with me, but let's compare.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

Everyone was ready for it, but now it is not very clear with what to compare it.

Analogs OnePlus Nord

A distinctive feature and main feature of OnePlus Nord is that it is offered for relatively little money, but at the same time it is generously stuffed with various amenities. Now he began to go on sale at a price of 399 euros (approximately 34,500 rubles).

It is not yet sold in our country, but it is a matter of either time or resellers. While everything is as it is, let's evaluate who can replace him if you can't wait. The smartphones below are not rated, they are just given as an example of what you can buy instead of new items.

Google Pixel 3a – the old horse does not spoil the furrow

Google's first budget phone, Pixel, is over a year old, but it's still pretty good and well worth the money for its tier. Sure, it only has one main camera and one front camera compared to four and two respectively on the OnePlus Nord, but the photos it takes are still the best in the class.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

The Google Pixel 3a is still good. But where is the Pixel 4a?

You also get fast updates directly from Google and a sharper experience Android versus Oxygen OS. There will also be a 3.5mm port. But otherwise the Nord's specs look much more interesting. The refresh rate of the screen, battery capacity, ability to work with 5G and much more will be better with the new product.

It might be worth the wait for the Google Pixel 4a, which is about to be released, but it will definitely be more expensive than last year's model. However, the Pixel 4a series is also expected to be available in 4G and 5G variants. So it will be a little more competitive.

Realme X50 – brother, you?

The OnePlus Nord shares many similarities with the affordable 5G mobile phone Realme. They have the same Snapdragon 76 chipset 5G, 30W charging and a nearly identical 48MP main camera. This is not difficult to explain. Both manufacturers are part of the BBK holding. Given the position of OnePlus, it is possible that the company could simply buy a ready-made model, so as not to spend money on a state employee, when it itself has already firmly anchored in the top segment. This kind of gift to the fans of the brand has turned out.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

It's no coincidence that OnePlus Nord and Realme X50 are very similar in terms of hardware.

However, there are several benefits. For example, the price, which in Europe is 350 euros (approximately 30,000 rubles). It also has a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz, although this is not OLED, but only an LCD screen. The main advantage of OnePlus Nord, I would only add the second front camera.

In Russia, the smartphone has not yet been sold, but will soon appear. It seems to me that it can be a good alternative to OnePlus Nord, although it is also not without its cockroaches.

Realme X3 Superzoom is another brother

Another phone Realme that can be compared to the OnePlus Nord is the Realme X3 Superzoom. It stands out from the rest Android smartphones in this article thanks to the Snapdragon 855 Plus. It released a year ago, but it's still very powerful and better than the Snapdragon 76 5G in Nord.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

The periscope camera Realme of the X3 Superzoom gives it many advantages.

The main camera of the X3 has a maximum resolution of 64MP. The front camera is very similar to the OnePlus Nord – 32 MP and 8 MP. Other specs to look out for include a 120Hz FHD + LCD screen, a 4,200mAh battery with 30W charging, and a starting price of RUR 34,000 for the 8/128 GB version.

Poco F2 Pro – really “pro”

Poco F2 Pro can now be bought from 33,000 rubles for the 6/128 GB version and from 39,500 for the 8/256 GB version. The price is not the lowest, but the specs are impressive.

The Poco F2 Pro package will have the flagship chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 instead of 76 5G. A more successful combination of cameras, a moving front camera and a 4700 mAh battery with 30 W charging. Against this background, the OnePlus Nord is not so impressive anymore.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

And the Poco F2 Pro also has a sliding front camera.

There are other analogs from Xiaomi, but it is Poco F2 Pro that looks somehow preferable, although, personally, I would probably not buy it myself.

iPhone SE – the second state employee from Apple

OnePlus and Apple are fighting for the same piece of the pie in the middle segment (at least in the countries where they both appear), so it makes sense to include iPhone SE as an alternative OnePlus Nord. If Nord focuses on screen refresh rate, 5G and number of cameras, then Apple goes in the opposite direction.

On iPhone SE you won't find a high refresh rate screen, 5G or even two cameras. But you get a more powerful processor, a chic (albeit single) camera and a nicer body, albeit a little outdated. And the iPhone SE will also have maximum water resistance and wireless charging.

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

Well, let only one camera. But she shoots well.

It is up to you to choose, but these smartphones offer a very interesting ratio of characteristics and demonstrate a completely different approach of their manufacturers. It only remains to add that iPhone SE will be more expensive and its price starts at 33,000 rubles for the 64 GB version. For 128 GB you will have to pay about 36,000 rubles, and for 256 GB, about 41,000 rubles. These are the prices for gray smartphones, and in the official store they start at 39,990 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G – nowhere without it

In Russia, Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is quite difficult to find, but if we talk about the price in Europe, then there it is slightly more expensive than the OnePlus Nord. In rubles, this will be approximately 40,000 rubles. But this is one of the few options if you want a relatively affordable Samsung phone 5G.

The Galaxy A51 5G runs an Exynos 980, which should provide smooth operation. The camera has 4 modules with a maximum resolution of 48 megapixels. The Samsung phone also offers a slightly larger battery than the Nord – at 4,500mAh – but falls short when it comes to charging (15W) and refresh rate (60Hz).

The best alternatives to OnePlus Nord and its complete counterparts

Not very cheap, but with 5G.

There is also a more affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy A51, but it will be without 5G and on a weaker processor. In this configuration, it will no longer pull the OnePlus Nord alternative.

What to buy instead of OnePlus Nord

I know that many of our readers are very fond of OnePlus smartphones, but not all models are accepted. It's difficult to say how it will turn out in this case, so let's fix your opinion at the moment, just answer in the form below which smartphone is better than the OnePlus Nord. If none, then choose it. You can answer in detail in our Telegram chat and in the comments.

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