Apps from the Play Market are not downloaded. What to do

Despite the popular belief that Android is a more problematic platform than iOS, this is actually not the case. Google, like Apple, is trying to make sure that smartphones that run on its operating system work stably and do not cause inconvenience to users. In part, she really succeeded, because most of the updates that are released for Android do not reduce the autonomy of compatible devices, unlike iOS, which happens with unenviable regularity. However, to call Android ideal still does not dare. At least for me.

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Google Play mobile can sometimes be naughty, so you have to turn to alternative sources for applications

Practice shows that one of the most common problems encountered by users Android is the failure to download applications from Google Play. He can manifest himself in different ways. For some, the download is interrupted literally in the middle, for others, the application is downloaded, but the installation does not start, and for others, even the button to download the application does not appear, despite the fact that the developer has announced compatibility with a particular smartphone model that is used for downloading. We will try to solve this problem.

How to download an application to Android remotely

The easiest way to download an application that doesn't want to download to your smartphone in any way is to use the web version of Google Play. Today it is not as popular as it used to be, but this does not make it a less effective software installation tool that can help you out if the Google Play mobile client does not provide an opportunity to download the program of your choice.

  • Follow this link to the web version of Google Play;
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the application you want to download;

Google Play web version

You can also download the application through the web version of Google Play

  • Open his page and click on the green 'Install' button;
  • Log in to your Google account and confirm the installation.

It may sound strange, but this technique actually works. After you click Install, a few minutes will pass and the program will appear on your smartphone's desktop. Especially the web version of Google Play helps if you want to install a beta version of the application, but the mobile client of the app store refuses to do so. For example, I recently ran into this while installing the 'Phone' app from Google. Read on, very useful instructions.

Where to download apps from, besides Google Play


Some smartphones include an alternative app store by default

The second method is no less simple, but less versatile. It is suitable for owners of only those smartphones that have provided their own application store in their firmware. This is Huawei, Honor, Samsung. Perhaps there are some other devices, but I don't know anything about them, so check it yourself. All you have to do is go to the pre-installed directory, try to find the application and download it there. If this is not some highly specialized utility, most likely the program you need will be there.

Well, and the third way is to download the application on alternative sites. Personally, I prefer to use either APKMirror or APKPure for such cases. For APKPure, we had a separate and very detailed instruction, so I will dwell on it, and focus only on APKMirror.

How to download the APK of the application

  • Follow this link and find the application you need;
  • Go to the application page and select the current version (here you can download an earlier assembly, for example, if the latter does not suit you with something);


Installing APKs can save your situation

  • Download the APK file and then go to Chrome – 'Downloads' and install the downloaded app;
  • Go back to Chrome – 'Downloads' and delete the APK so it doesn't take up space.

It is important to understand that downloading APKs is the least secure way to install applications. Despite the fact that APKMirror carefully checks all the software that goes there, there is no guarantee that you will not stumble upon malware and infect your smartphone. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you try to install the program you need in the first two ways, and only if they did not help you, turn to alternative application directories.

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