Google Pixel 5 XL looks will surprise you

Google in October last year – 4 months ago – introduced the Pixel 4. The phone turned out not without flaws and does not offer all the best in the flagship segment. There were many questions about the design of the phone. The top bezel of the device was too wide due to the 3D face scanner, and the bezel of the rear camera was too massive. The difference compared to the Pixel 3 is significant in this regard. But Google could go even further with the Pixel 5 XL and introduce an even weirder camera design.

Google Pixel 5 XL looks will surprise you

What will the Pixel 5 be like?

So, Pixel 5 XL looks like this:

Google Pixel 5 XL looks will surprise you

Google Pixel 5 render

You may be surprised, but I like the design. At least it won't look like any other phone. This render was posted on the Front Page Tech YouTube channel.

We are being shown one of three early Pixel 5 XL prototypes. Perhaps the company has already chosen a different design, but we can still look at an approximate vision of the future of smartphones.

Obviously, in 2021, manufacturers will not stop at square camera rims and will experiment in every possible way in this matter. And this is one example of such an experiment.

You can also notice that in the Pixel 5 XL we will see 3 camera modules. This number of sensors says only one thing – in 2021, the emphasis on the quality of photos and videos will not be lost. Google and other manufacturers are realizing that the camera is the one to surprise consumers today. Foldable phones are cool, of course, but let's be honest, they are too expensive today, and not many people are interested in yet. Cameras, on the other hand, are not that expensive to manufacture and can attract consumers who are willing to ditch their professional photography solutions in favor of the Pixel 5 XL.

If you go to Instagram, you can easily notice that the quality of the pictures on the main feed has become much higher. And this trend has been observed over the past two years. The fact is that even cheap Chinese smartphones today offer 48-megapixel solutions, the work of which is complemented by good algorithms based on neural networks.

When the Pixel 4a is introduced

Before the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL, the company will introduce the budget Pixel 4a. Previously, renders of the phone appeared on the web. Most likely, this will happen in the framework of the conference for developers Google I / O 2020. It is expected that the phone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 730 processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. Along with the 4a, the company is also likely to present an XL version with an improved chipset.

The budget Xa line was first introduced with the Pixel 3a. Thanks to this, Google managed to double the sales figures for Pixel smartphones. Thus, the company managed to offer consumers a budget device with a clean Android, moreover, it also managed to evenly distribute the release of new phones over the whole year. And if OnePlus releases flagships every six months and they sell well, Google has decided to follow the same scenario, but offer devices in different price points to cover as much of the price area as possible.

Pixel 5 specifications

Until the release of the phone is more than six months, but we can already speculate on this topic. Most likely, the phone will receive a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12/16 gigabytes of RAM and 128/256/512 gigabytes of internal memory, you can also expect a screen with an increased picture refresh rate of 90/120 Hz.

I doubt Google will surprise with anything like it did with Motion Sense. The company knows how to please with software innovations, and Pixel is not about hardware, but rather about software, so you should expect something interesting in this matter.

When will the Pixel 5 be released?

Most likely, the device will be presented in October 2020. There is still enough time until this moment, so it is not worthwhile to assert with certainty that certain characteristics are present in the device. Even the render shown above is one of three options for the appearance of the device.

It is interesting to know your opinion regarding the appearance of the device. Share it below in the comments and also read our news in Yandex Zen.

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