What's the most annoying thing about wireless headphones and how to deal with it

I have said many times that I prefer to buy and use wireless headphones. The biggest plus is freedom. I can leave the phone on the table and walk a couple of meters away or actively move my hands and not touch the wire. I can also just take them out of my pocket or backpack and start listening to music. In general, whatever one may say, but wireless headphones are very cool. Many will argue that the sound is not the right one, but I will tell them that they are wrong. The sound has long been the same. Of course, you will not get the sound that wired headphones for 200,000 rubles will give, but this is not necessary, because we are talking about daily listening. However, in addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages of wireless headphones, which greatly enrage. But what is it?

What's the most annoying thing about wireless headphones and how to deal with it

Why do we need wired headphones when there are wireless ones?

The main disadvantage Bluetooth – headphones

Since Bluetooth – headphones are connected without wires, you need to understand that their main plus is the reason for the main minus. What I'm talking about is that a wired connection is much more stable than a wireless one. Only a dirty or damaged wire-connector bundle can spoil the sound quality (noise, crackling, interruption), and only a pulled plug can interrupt it. Much more often, audio interruption problems relate specifically to wireless headphones, even if they are intermittent.

I have been using Bluetooth – headphones for a long time and managed to face, it seems, all possible problems. Therefore, I want to share my experience with those who have recently switched to them, and tell you how to overcome many difficulties.

Why the phone does not see wireless headphones

Let's imagine a situation: you want to connect headphones to a smartphone, but for some reason the headphones are not displayed in the device list Bluetooth. With what it can be connected?

What's the most annoying thing about wireless headphones and how to deal with it

It's nice to listen to music, knowing that nothing bothers you.

If you have not connected the headphones yet, but Bluetooth on the phone is turned on, and the headphones are in pairing mode, then everything should be fine. To put the headphones into pairing mode, you usually need to hold down the button with the logo Bluetooth or turn off the headphones and hold down the power button until they make a sound and / or the blue light flashes. If after that the phone does not see the headphones, you should try to turn it off and turn it on after a few seconds Bluetooth. If that doesn't work, there is most likely something wrong.

If the headphones were already connected to the phone, you just need to turn them on and they will connect automatically. At least if your operating system is Android 4.3 and older or iOS 7 and older. If the connection fails, there are several reasons for this.

It's trite, but first of all you need to check if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. As simple as it sounds, it is very easy to forget about it. Next, you should make sure that the headphones are close enough to the phone. If you have the phone in one hand and the headphones in the other, then there should be no problem, but sometimes you can forget to take the phone out of your bag and think that it is in your pocket.

What's the most annoying thing about wireless headphones and how to deal with it

Wireless headphones are great for sports.

It is also worth checking if something extra is connected to your device, for example, other headphones or a wireless speaker. If so, they should be disabled. There is also the opposite situation, when the headphones, having turned on, are immediately connected to another device. This also needs to be checked, although many models can be simultaneously connected to different devices.

Such little things are very annoying, especially when you just want to turn on the headphones and listen to music. But that's not all. There are other problems as well.

Why is my wireless headphones intermittent?

Often, especially when using wireless in-ear headphones, I have come across a situation where the sound disappears for a while and then reappears.

Over time, you realize that there is only one reason. The earbuds simply lose connection with the device. For example, if the module is located on the wire connecting two headphones and is slightly displaced forward, then when the phone is in the back pocket or bag, it can easily lose connection. I didn’t face such a problem only when using AirPods Pro and full-size headphones like the Bose QC 35II, which I now use.

This is also very annoying, as it interrupts your connection with the music or prevents you from hearing everything that is said in the podcast you are listening to.

Headphones take too long to connect to the phone

My phone is like a guest book in a tourist place, where everyone writes something like “Osia and Kisa were here”. I constantly test various devices like bracelets, watches, remotes, headphones and the like. As a result, I have too many extra connections. Even from my permanent devices, a car, two soundbars, three portable speakers, two headphones and a motorcycle headset were added to the phone.

Sometimes, due to the accumulation of a list of ten or more devices, the headphones may not connect well. In this case, you just need to remove all unnecessary, for example, sold headphones. Anyway, make it a rule to remove other people's devices, like the speakers to which you connected at a picnic. Then everything should work quickly.

What's the most annoying thing about wireless headphones and how to deal with it

I put it on, turned it on and went.

If you still have to face this problem, you should try to connect again. If it does not help, then reset the pairing settings and re-pair the headphones to the phone.

Crackle and noise in wireless headphones

The last point no longer concerns my personal observations, but what some people complained to me when they wrote in a personal message or in our Telegram chat.

They claimed that they were faced with a problem that led to the crackling and creaking of the headphones, as if something was causing interference and static. In this situation, I could only advise trying to reconnect the headphones to the device. And, lo and behold, it helped. I can't explain why this is happening, but I really don't like it.

As in the old joke about a programmer who, if his car doesn't start, gets out of it and sits down again, almost all chronic problems of wireless headphones (except for malfunctions) are treated by reconnecting to the phone.

Despite the fact that there are such nasty moments, for me this is still not an argument in order to switch to wired headphones. Freedom from wires is real freedom. Nobody says that we need to go back to wired phones because the sound is better this way and they don't need to be charged. There are so many things around us that need to be charged that the headphones will definitely not be superfluous.

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