Five reasons to buy a Chromebook over a regular laptop

If you ask an ordinary person what operating systems there are for a smartphone, he will not hesitate to name Android and iOS. If you ask the same question about operating systems for a computer, then Windows and “that for Apple” will pop up in his head. In fact, the world has changed for a long time and now we can use another operating system, which makes sense if only because it is much simpler and more logical Windows and MacOS. Yes, it sometimes does not have that functionality, but it will be enough for most tasks of an ordinary user. In this article, we will try to figure out what are good Chromebooks, and then everyone will make their own choice and understand whether they need to buy such a computer.

Five reasons to buy a Chromebook over a regular laptop

Chromebooks have their pros, although they are somewhat peculiar.

What is a Chromebook

Gone are the days when you had to have a device running Windows or MacOS to be truly productive. Nowadays almost all basic tasks can be done in a browser without having to install any software or applications. The browser is the place to do everything. Almost like Steve Jobs wanted.

A Chromebook is perfect for those who just want to use their computer and do their daily tasks, but are not going to do complex jobs like video editing or graphics. This is the kind of person who may have enough of a tablet, but “they are simply inconvenient to use.” You could say that a Chromebook is a mobile device that looks and acts like a laptop. It is designed to be constantly in touch.

Reasons to buy a Chromebook

Before we dive into the reasons for buying (or not buying) a Chromebook, we just need to emphasize that this gadget is suitable for those who spend most of their time on the Internet. Now let's move on to the reasons.

Chromebooks aren't that high

To get an entry-level laptop with an operating system Windows or even macOS, you need to spend several tens of thousands of rubles. We are now talking about an initial, but normal car, not the cheapest one. In this case, you will work on it in a browser, watch videos and work in text editors. All this can be done by a Chromebook.

Five reasons to buy a Chromebook over a regular laptop

Chromebooks are made by many manufacturers and you can find a device for any wallet.

It should also be noted that with the same performance level, it will cost even less than a comparable laptop. And it will also serve you for many years, since it does not greatly depend on the characteristics of the iron. For this, we should thank the features of the system.

Chromebook Battery Life

Since you are only using the Chrome browser, you are not actually doing many CPU intensive tasks. This means your Chromebook should last longer than a comparable laptop Windows or MacBook.

Compared to some machines, it will even last twice as long, but when compared with similar systems at the same cost, the advantage will not be so great, but it will still be quite significant.

Five reasons to buy a Chromebook over a regular laptop

Chromebook autonomy is great.

Chromebook form factor

Since Chromebooks are less hardware dependent, they are lighter and more compact than similarly priced laptops Windows. You can even purchase a device that functions as a tablet and laptop.

In addition to versatility and small size, we can talk about different materials. Regular laptops also offer plastic and more premium metal cases, but this is also the case among Chromebooks. Therefore, it is wrong to think that they are all kind of unpretentious – everyone will choose for himself.

Chromebook stability and security

Unlike desktops or other laptops, Chrome OS is nowhere near as resource-intensive as the Chrome browser. His appetite will be much lower and he will run very smoothly and smoothly. And also, unlike Windows, such a computer will not freeze so often due to lack of resources when launching several applications.

Chromebooks are also designed to launch apps Android, which means you can enjoy some of your favorite mobile apps without even having a smartphone nearby. This is unlikely to be useful for every day, but sometimes it can be very useful.

For people who are worried about viruses, it is worth saying that Chrome OS is not affected by the same problems that many encounter when working with laptops on Windows. As a result, you will be safer and you will not need antivirus software, which, by the way, slows down the system even more.

Five reasons to buy a Chromebook over a regular laptop

It's safe and secure to use your Chromebook.

Backing up and restoring Chromebook

I think I've said two or three times already that one of the biggest advantages of Chromebooks is that everything is done in Chrome. This means you can change your device without losing any files, photos, or anything else. Cloud backups are created by themselves. Again, it's almost like a smartphone or tablet. Everything is very simple and native.

When changing your computer, just log into your account and you're done. Nothing else is required from you.

Which Chromebook to Buy

The choice of devices will be more than you might think. The main thing is to focus on cost and availability in your area. In some cases, Chromebooks will need to be purchased from resellers or ordered from another country.

Good models include the IdeaPad Duet, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, and even the Google Pixelbook Go. Here you need to first understand whether you are ready to switch to a Chromebook, and then build on the cost and availability. Well, I have given the main advantages above.

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