One of the companies Xiaomi will release smartwatches together with Tesla

When two serious companies unite in the world of technology, it is always interesting and attracts a lot of attention. Especially when efforts are consolidated not just by two competing brands, but by companies that are engaged in the most opposite areas of activity. It happened this time and tomorrow we should be shown a gadget that was born out of a partnership between the renowned electric car manufacturer Tesla and a gadget company. This time, such a company was Huami Technology, supported by Xiaomi itself. It remains only to understand what product they will launch on the market, but, apparently, it will be very interesting and promising for the industry.

Tesla watches

A watch for use with Tesla is very good.

Tesla accessory

First of all Huami Technology is known for its smartwatches. The company really works closely with Xiaomi and often its products are even attributed to products Xiaomi, although the company itself is trying to distance itself from such a neighborhood. It is not for nothing that she creates a large number of brands that produce various gadgets, including those for the home.

This time Huami Technology has partnered with Tesla in order to release its new product. It will be announced on September 15th in China. But what will it be?

New watch Amazfit

In fact, none of the companies has yet confirmed which device will be released. It also does not say what key features it will have. But, given the direction of the company's activity, it is not difficult to guess that it will be a smart watch. The partnership with Tesla may hint that the gadget will allow the brand to drive cars. Of course, not completely, but some functions can be transferred to the watch, which is very good.


Amazfit GTR

The company recently rolled out an update for the Amzfit GTR and Amazfit GTS smartwatches, which allows them to be used as keys for the Chinese car Xiaopeng P7, or as it is also called – Xpeng P7. This is such a Chinese electric car, which, after its appearance, many immediately began to call Tesla's competitor. In fairness, the characteristics of the machines allow you to do this more or less. Now we are on the cusp of an accessory that will unite them even more.



CEO Huami Huang Wang couldn't resist the temptation to tease Weibo users with some information about the upcoming event. Judging by the teasers, we can conclude that the company is preparing to launch an updated version of the smartwatch Amazfit GTR. All the details will be after the announcement, but with a high degree of probability we can assume that everything will be exactly like this.

Tesla smartwatch

Last month, it was reported that Tesla Motors is working on a new smartwatch. The information came from the FCC filing, and Tesla's partner, apparently, should be Xplora Technologies. It is a Norwegian company that produces smartwatches for children. It may seem like some kind of inconsistency, but children's watches are not just something with numbers and pink. Modern children's watches are simple enough to be inexpensive, yet a high-tech gadget. It allows you to always keep in touch with your child. Often they even have things like a built-in SIM card, speaker / microphone, and even GPS.

The possibility of accessing Tesla cars in watches does not mean that it will only apply to new cars. It is likely that such an opportunity for car owners from Elon Musk will appear with updates. Tesla owners are no stranger to this, as the company's cars have a very high level of service and even after purchase, new features may appear on them.

Xpeng P7

The same Xpeng P7 that works with the clock Amazfit.

All the same, even if such an opportunity appears in watches, it will still be more of an image story, since electric cars are not yet a truly mass product all over the world. On the other hand, the emergence of a new direction in the development of gadgets can affect the entire automotive industry as a whole.

While it is difficult to say that the popularity of the accessory will greatly increase, but advertising with such a big name will definitely attract a lot of attention. This is also important for Tesla, as users and potential buyers will have a new way to interact with the car and may be interested in buying. Although this story will also not be massive.

There is also no information yet on whether the same watch model will support operation simultaneously with both car models or whether it will be necessary to buy a watch for Tesla and change it when switching to the Xpeng P7. I don’t think that many people are switching from one model to another, but support for multiple cars at the same time can come in handy and prove very promising in the future, when such an option becomes available for many cars. And this will definitely be. It's convenient.

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