How to transfer an application to another phone via Bluetooth?

Apk Extractor   In this article, I will tell you how to transfer installed applications and games in your phone to other Android devices (including tablets).

For work we need the Apk Extractor application – install it in the Play Store.

Run the installed application – a list of installed programs in the phone will appear.

List of programs

In front of the desired application, click on the three dots – a pop-up menu will appear. Click “Submit”.

Submit Application

Choose a way to share the app. For example, via Bluetooth or by mail

A way to share the app

The application will collect the program itself into a file with the .apk extension (installation file) and send it to the recipient.

You can transfer only applications installed and working in the phone, otherwise Extractor simply will not find such an application in the list of applications. It is also possible that there will be difficulties when transferring paid applications – they have protection against copying and rebuilding.

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Video how to copy an application by Bluetooth

  • Copy apps from Android to Android via Bluetooth

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