OnePlus changed its mind and planned the release of a cheap TV

The market and the economy as a whole are so arranged that any business or any production should grow. Even if there was no such rule, the representatives of this very business would still like constant growth. At a minimum, it is needed in order for the business to bring money where it can bring it. This is how it happens when you produce cool smartphones and can offer people something new, under a brand that they already love. Moreover, this way you can create a whole infrastructure, like the one that works great for Apple, works well for Samsung, and which Huawei and Honor are striving for. This is how OnePlus decided to make TVs.

OnePlus changed its mind and planned the release of a cheap TV

We are waiting for an alternative from OnePlus.

OnePlus TV

The company has already offered some accessories and the TV itself, as if trying themselves on that field. True, according to various information, she did not turn out very well. Moreover, she tried to do it mainly in the Indian market, which the company traditionally loves very much and which reciprocates. For example, judging by the leaks, it is in this market that the new OnePlus Z will go on sale for the first time, which will be a cheap but worthy smartphone to compete with other Chinese brands in the price range of $ 350-400.

The company's CEO Pete Lau has now posted an entry in Twitter. He said the company is making its premium television products more accessible to the Indian community. Perhaps this means that TVs will only be in this market, but if this is part of the company's long-term strategy, then it will definitely launch them on the global market. You just need to gain popularity in more niche territories such as India and China.

OnePlus changed its mind and planned the release of a cheap TV

Everything is official.

When will the new OnePlus TV come out?

According to the entry, it is worth waiting for a new TV on July 2 this year. It is difficult to say yet if this is somehow related to the release of the new cheap OnePlus Z, but the difference between their release dates, according to rumors, will be about a week. Perhaps their release will be combined under one date, but more information on this matter will appear a little later.

OnePlus changed its mind and planned the release of a cheap TV

It is not yet known what the cheap OnePlus TV will look like.

We must not forget that OnePlus will face serious competition from manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, which are not only present in all global markets, but also have a lot of weight there. And they can also offer lower prices. Therefore, Lau will have to work hard to release a truly competitive product.

How much will OnePlus TV cost

According to ET Telecom, OnePlus is announcing not one, but two TVs in July this year. One of them will be the base entry-level model, which will be priced at around $ 200. The other TV will be of higher quality, but the price will also be higher. The exact amount is not disclosed, but it should be in the range of $ 265 to $ 530. The spread is impressive, but it is too early to talk about any more specific figure.

Apparently, the price was not chosen by chance. According to research by Counterpoint, these two price segments account for almost 78 percent of the smart TV market in India. Based on this, we can assume that the new product will cost more in other markets.

OnePlus changed its mind and planned the release of a cheap TV

As it usually happens in advertising, a very happy person watches the screensaver of the movie service. This time on a OnePlus TV.

Even if the new product is more expensive in other markets, it could still attract a lot of attention against the background of what the company showed earlier. Let me remind you that it was a TV that cost about $ 930, but if you wanted to buy a retractable soundbar for it, then you had to pay about $ 400 more for it. In this price segment, shoppers are more likely to aim for more established brands rather than trying to show their trust in a newcomer. Given this, it is not at all surprising that OnePlus wants to change something and enter more affordable segments, in which there are significantly more buyers and it is easier to compete.

Why smartphone manufacturers release TVs

Many people often claim that they don't watch TV, but they know all the TV shows and videos on YouTube very well. The fact is that you can watch TV in different ways. Some need federal channels, while others will simply be able to display content on it that they previously watched on a computer or smartphone.

You can also connect a game console to the TV, which will also appeal to many. Now this type of device is selling very well due to its lower cost and advanced features. This forces manufacturers to enter this business, and an additional incentive is the example Xiaomi, which was able to interest a lot of people with its TVs. Going along its path, the main thing is not to forget about one thing – that the price should be low, and the quality should be at least comparable to competitors. Then sales are likely to be secured.

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