MirrorLink - connecting the phone to the car system MirrorLink is an intelligent communication system between a smartphone and a vehicle information system. Just connect your device to your car to enjoy useful apps while driving. Each car brand offers its own applications.

You need to connect your phone with a USB cable to your car system (car radio) in order to access applications that support MirrorLink. And then use the device while driving by projecting the image on the screen of your device onto the car screen.

Your car's system must support this technology. When connecting the phone to the car system for the first time, make sure that the smartphone is connected to a mobile network (Internet is available).

Activating the option in your phone is simple: Settings – Connections – Other settings – MirroLink.


On the officer. The website (mirrorlink.com) of the service has a list of cars and applications that they support: navigation, music, weather, search for the nearest gas station, car manual, search for parking lots, search for wi-fi networks, radio and many others.

Be sure to visit the official. website, and if your phone and car support MirrorLink technology, use the applications (just install the desired program through the Play Store on your phone).

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