One-handed operation

One-handed operation on Samsung Modern smartphones are characterized by large screens (over 6 inches), and sometimes it is completely inconvenient to operate the phone with one hand. Samsung has taken care of this. In smartphones controlled by Android (starting from version 6), one-handed operation is available.

How to find it? Go to Settings – Add. Features – One-handed operation.

So, you have 2 options for reducing the display in order to be able to tap on the screen while holding the phone in the same hand.

  • With gestures. To reduce the size of the display, slide your finger diagonally from any bottom corner of the screen. Shrink the display with gestures
  • Button. Press the Home button three times and the display will shrink. Shrink the display with the Home button

There is one more useful option in the same menu – “Display keys on the screen”. It shows the Home, Back and Recent buttons.

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