Samsung introduced the Galaxy a Quantum smartphone that cannot be jailbroken

Despite the fact that Samsung has recently surpassed even Google in terms of the speed of security updates for its smartphones, releasing a patch next month at the end of the previous one, in terms of security, Korean branded devices have never missed stars from the sky. Yes, the Galaxy S20 really got some kind of special coprocessor that provides secure storage of confidential data, but all the other models still could not boast of the same. However, Samsung decided it was better to start small than to do nothing at all, and released a new smartphone, Galaxy A Quantum, which cannot be jailbroken. Generally. Absolutely. According to Samsung.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy a Quantum smartphone that cannot be jailbroken

A quantum smartphone is no longer just words, but reality

Galaxy A Quantum is a joint venture between Samsung and the Korean operator SK Telecom. Its distinctive feature is support for quantum encryption, thanks to which, the manufacturer hopes, it will be possible to provide the highest level of security for storing user data. To do this, the smartphone was equipped with a special processor with support for the Quantum Random Number Generator technology, which is directly responsible for processing information, protecting it from unauthorized removal.

What is quantum encryption

Samsung introduced the Galaxy a Quantum smartphone that cannot be jailbroken

Quantum encryption is more secure than classical encryption based on mathematical principles

Quantum encryption is a branch of cryptography that encrypts data based on physical rather than mathematical methods. That is, information is converted not into a numerical format, but into a light one, transmitting a photon to a reader, the role of which is played by a CMOS sensor used in modern cameras. The security of this encryption method stems from the inability to change any parameter of the photon without distorting the other. Thus, it is very easy to record hacking attempts.

Samsung claims that it has faithfully reproduced all these principles in its coprocessor, which is installed in the Galaxy A Quantum. This means that even if hackers try to directly hack into the smartphone, using active techniques to undermine security. But what is most surprising is that Samsung has managed to fit both the emitter and the sensor-reader into a small 2.5×2.5mm chip. That is, its installation practically did not affect either the dimensions of the device or its weight. But on safety – it affected very, very significantly.

Why do you need quantum encryption

But why do you need strong encryption? Thanks to it, Samsung can safely store many data, including biometrics, payment information, and even digitized documents. But these are not just words. Galaxy A Quantum currently supports contactless payments using quantum encryption, as well as the generation of security certificates. True, what exactly these certificates are and what purposes they can serve is not yet very clear.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy a Quantum smartphone that cannot be jailbroken

Galaxy A Quantum is a rugged version of the Galaxy A71

It is clear that the Galaxy A Quantum is not a mass-produced smartphone that cannot be used to make money. Therefore, it would be strange if Samsung decided to build a completely unique device that is guaranteed to be a commercial failure. The Koreans understood this from the very beginning, and therefore took the new Galaxy A71 with all its inherent features as the basis for Galaxy A Quantum:

  • Display – 6.7 inches with resolution Full HD +
  • Processor – Exynos 980 with support 5G
  • Memory – 6/64, 6/128 GB
  • Battery – 4500 mAh
  • Price – $ 530 (in South Korea)

Let's be honest: no one wants the kind of security that the Galaxy A Quantum offers. Despite the fact that $ 530 is a relatively small amount of money, which in Korea can be paid for a smartphone by very, very many, for most, the very term 'quantum encryption' means absolutely nothing. But even if Samsung can explain what it is and what it is for, there are hardly enough people willing to buy a device with this technology, hoping for total protection of their privacy.

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