WhatsApp for Android got an update with a night theme. How to turn on

The night theme is a highly overrated phenomenon. Despite the fact that it can really save a few percent of charging, it is completely unsuitable as a means of eye protection in low-light conditions for which it is being passed off. And the point here is not at all in my personal perception, but in objective factors. However, this does not prevent users from craving for the appearance of the night theme, and developers to satisfy their needs, making money on it. WhatsApp is no exception.

WhatsApp for Android got an update with a night theme.  How to turn on

WhatsApp for Android got a night theme. Finally

Rumors of a night theme on WhatsApp began circulating long before Android 10, where the night theme became a system-wide tool. Nevertheless, the developers of the messenger were in no hurry to match the environment in which their offspring works, and then they spent a long time testing and debugging the night theme. The beta test alone is worth it. WhatsApp, although it admitted a fairly wide circle of testers, consisting of several thousand users, it lasted so long that many even stopped hoping that the night theme would ever be released. However, their dream came true tonight.

Night theme in WhatsApp

Unlike WhatsApp for iOS, which was released immediately and for everyone, the version for Android is being distributed gradually and may not yet be available to some users. Obviously, the developers are not yet sure about the stability of the night theme and want to hedge themselves in case the first ones who downloaded the update encounter any problems. After all, it is much easier to recall an assembly that is used by several thousand people than if hundreds of millions around the world have access to it. So the work of the whole service will not be paralyzed for long.

Another difference between the WhatsApp version for Android and iOS lies in the principle of enabling the night theme. If there is no separate switch on iOS in the messenger, and the night theme in the messenger itself depends on the work of the system night theme, there are slightly more activation options on Android. In addition to the system night theme from Android 10, which forcibly includes the night theme in WhatsApp, users of earlier OS versions have the ability to force the night theme on in the interface of the messenger itself.

How to enable night theme in WhatsApp on Android

  • To enable the night theme in WhatsApp, launch the messenger and open the context menu;

WhatsApp for Android got an update with a night theme.  How to turn on

In WhatsApp on Android the night theme can be turned on forcibly

  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Chats' – 'Themes';
  • In the window that opens, select 'Dark' and confirm its inclusion with the 'OK' button.

In fact, it is not unusual that the developers decided to embed a forced activation button for the night theme in WhatsApp for Android, although there is nothing like that in the version for iOS. The reason for this, oddly enough, was a large number of smartphones running on the basis of already non-renewable versions Android. After all, if WhatsApp opened access to the night theme only to users Android 10, it would be completely illogical, since there are significantly fewer of them than everyone else. Therefore, in this case, the banal power of the majority worked, and not the special attitude of WhatsApp developers towards users Android.

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