Why you need to take Android for games, and not iPhone

Gaming potential iPhone has always been higher than that of smartphones at Android. Despite the fact that they have long included gaming models with liquid and sometimes fan cooling, special overclocking modes and 12-16 GB of RAM, they still lacked optimization. As a result, even the most powerful and technically advanced machines on Android simply did not support 60 FPS in Fortnite, while iPhone, not even the newest ones, had no problems with this. But, nevertheless, if you are faced with the question of which smartphone to buy for games, choose Android, you will not go wrong.

Why you need to take Android for games, and not iPhone

Looking for normal games on Android? These have not been brought to Google Play for a long time

I think we should start by stating one simple fact, which is that normal games have not appeared in either Google Play or the App Store for a long time. The last significant release for both platforms was perhaps Fortnite, which was rather an exception, albeit a rather pleasant one. However, if you want to drive into something really worthwhile, you have a direct road to streaming sites. However, users iOS and Android have completely unequal access to them.

In fact, only one such platform is available to the owners iPhone, which it launched itself Apple. This is, of course, Apple Arcade. Despite the fact that quite interesting games that can captivate you for more than one hour do sometimes get there, in fact, there are not very many of them. But users Android have much more options – from GeForce Now and Microsoft xCloud to Google Stadia, not to mention all sorts of GalaxyLink from Samsung and other local platforms that offer streaming from their computer.

Streaming services for games

Why you need to take Android for games, and not iPhone

Apple does not allow competing game services to enter the App Store so that they do not entice users from Apple Arcade

Oddly enough, but Apple does not allow streaming game services from NVIDIA, Microsoft and other companies to the App Store, fearing a powerful churn of the audience. After all, if they come to iOS, many users will most likely leave Apple Arcade to competitors. Still, in Apple Arcade is now dominated by arcade games, and in the same GeForce Now from NVIDIA console-level games are available that can be easily launched on a smartphone, requiring only a stable Internet connection and a compatible gamepad.

This is almost true. So when NVIDIA executives were asked when GeForce Now will appear on the App Store, a company representative responded with a challenge and clear resentment: 'Ask Apple!'. At the same time, Cupertino refuses to comment on the refusals to publish third-party streaming sites in their catalog, referring to one or the other restrictions. As a result, you can only get access to streaming gaming at Android, because Google, although it has its own Google Stadia service, behaves more diplomatically and does not fix any restrictions for competitors, preventing their access to Google Play .

How to run PS games on Android

Why you need to take Android for games, and not iPhone

Streaming platforms allow you to play console-level games on your smartphone

Another advantage of streaming platforms is that the need to buy flagship smartphones at Android to play top games is lost by a little over 100%. After all, in order to run some fresh for consoles available in GeForce Now, the performance of not the newest and not the most powerful device will be enough.

GeForce Now requirements

  • OS: Android 5.0 and newer
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
  • Internet: Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz

There are no requirements for the computing power of the smartphone and the amount of internal memory. That is, you can install GeForce Now and play the best console titles without limits. The main thing is to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and drive as much as you like, because the game runs on powerful servers, and only the image is transmitted to you. And fast Internet is needed so that the game responds instantly to your actions, making it feel like it is running right on your smartphone.

Yes, I understand that not everyone will use streaming services, given their price and availability, because those that officially work in Russia – for example, GeForce Now – are quite expensive, and the rest – Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud – we are not available at all. However, it is important to understand here that if we are talking about really cool games like Grid or RDR2, then they can only be run on Android. But if you limit yourself only to runners or goofy platformers, then, of course, even Symbian will do.

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