Network accelerator for Samsung

Play Store Do you often have to download bulk applications, movies, music or games from the Play Store? Is the download taking too long? The new Mortal Combat “weighs” 1.4 GB – for some, the game will swing all day. Is the Simpsons game constantly updated to 400MB? I am already silent about movies in HD-quality from 2 GB each.

Why bother when Samsung has a useful “Network Accelerator” option. It increases the download speed of any content larger than 30 megabytes from Galaxy Apps and Play Store using Wi-Fi and 4G mobile network (LTE) at the same time.

Here you should once make a reservation about the limitations of mobile traffic on your tariff plan. If your internet package allows you to download a couple of voluminous games and movies, why not take advantage of that?

How do I enable the accelerator? Go to Settings – Connections – Other settings – Network accelerator. Place the switch in the On position.

Network accelerator

Here you need to remember about the “Use of mobile data” setting on your phone, if you have it activated. When the traffic threshold is reached, the Internet through the SIM card will turn off, only wi-fi data transfer will remain. It is better to turn off the restriction of mobile data transfer if you are not going to travel outside your home region (Russia, international roaming).

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